The Different Mascara Wands - Explained

How do you use the different types of mascara wands? Here's our guide. Learn how and when to use mascara wands to achieve the look you want.

Mascara Wands: Types and How to Best Use

Our eyes are one of the first things that people take notice of. And, mascaras help tremendously to add to its beauty. Even if you don’t have naturally thick and luscious lashes, using mascara can give is just the right amount of boost to help your eyes pop increasing your confidence.

You must be aware that there are many mascara formulas available in the market currently. But, there are different mascara wands too. Every wand has its own specialty that can help you give a distinct look to your lashes.

Read on as we discuss every available mascara wand in the market. After reading this, you’ll be able to determine which wand would suit your needs and preferences the best. So, let’s begin!

The Classic Mascara Wand

As the name suggests, it is a classic. It is cylindrical in structure and is the most commonly used mascara wand in the world. It has thick bristles that help to give your lashes more volume. If you are somebody who enjoys fuller lashes, this would be the most suitable mascara wand, for sure.

The Micro Mascara Wand

This is a relatively new entry into the beauty market. At first glance, you may think that the micro mascara wand won’t really work but you couldn’t be more wrong.

Due to their thin, sleek structure, and fine bristles, this wand will give you well defined and outlined lashes. It is great for layering mascara without clumping the lashes facilitating a mess-free application. Another plus is an easy application on your lower lashes.

The Tapered-Comb Mascara Wand

Due to its tapered structure, the pointed end of the wand will help you easily apply mascara towards the inner corner of your eye, getting those smaller lashes while simultaneously, the rest of your eyelashes get a more fuller look. It is perfect for a dramatic effect as the comb-like bristles of the wand help to separate each individual lash giving you a great volume.

The Skinny Mascara Wand

These mascara wands are similar to the classic wand but thinner. They have short yet thick bristles that can help to add length and definition to lashes. The skinny wand can separate every single lash that helps to give you a more natural look. But, the overall volume isn’t as much.

The Curved-Comb Mascara Wand

The biggest advantage of using this mascara wand is that it curls your lashes. This, in turn, helps to open your eyes and makes them look wider. Again, the comb-like bristles separate every lash, enhancing your overall look perfectly.

The Fat-Brush Mascara Wand

The fat brush mascara wand gives you a heavy, volume in us look. In fact, the thickness of the wand is directly proportional to the thickness of your lashes. If you want a dramatic look with your lashes being the center point, this is what you should opt for.

The Ball-Tip Mascara Wand

This mascara wand has a traditional wand look with a bristled ball being stuck toward the end. This helps to reach these smaller lashes towards the inner corners of the eyes and facilitates easy application on the lower lashes. This one type is slowly becoming popular among the ladies for the position it has.

There are also wands that have only the bristled ball at the end. They’re also called spike ball wand. This wand helps you give good coverage but they aren’t really feasible when we take into consideration the end look.

The Precision-Tip Mascara Wand

This mascara wand helps to give a full coating of every single lash. With its precision tip end, even the smaller lashes are covered. It helps to widen your eyes too. The overall effect is very voluminous and is certainly a great option to try.

The wands, of course, are important to help you achieve a particular look, but you need to know a few application tricks too. For example, apply mascara from the very root and ensure that there is a lesser product on your lash tips. This will help you dodge the spider-legs looks and clumps. We'll advise you to try the different wands first-hand before you place your order for the best results.

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