The Different Types of Blush You Need to Know

The Different Types of Blush You Need to Know

Using a blush can give you the much-needed color and a healthy glow to your cheeks. This will give you the girl-next-door look. Did we mention that you can also use a few blushes as a lipstick and a highlighter?

With the different varieties of blush available in the market, you have to take into consideration your complexion, skin type, and even weather! Every blush formula is unique, meeting a specific need.

Read on to find out the different types of blush and which one would be the most suitable for you.

Powder Blush

Powder blushes are perfect for that natural, sun-kissed glow. Red, pink, peach, orange – they are available in a variety of colors and more. It’s also quite lasting at about seven to eight hours and can be easily blended using a blush brush. This is also one of the most commonly used blush types.

It’s ideal for summers as powder blushes give a matte finish. If you have oily skin or large pores or both, this type of blush would be perfect for you. However, if you have acne-prone skin with a bumpy exterior, it’s better to opt for a more cream-based formula.

Cream Blush

If you want a more pigmented and dewy, glowy finish, cream blushes should be your go-to choice. Many a time, these products contain essential oils and moisturizing components making it perfect for dry and parched skin. But, other skin types, except for oily skin, can also use this formula.

This product lasts for about 5 to 6 hours and seamlessly blends into the skin. You can either use your fingers or stippling brushes for application. Just remember to gradually build up because too much product can lead to a greasy feel.

Shimmer Blush

A little tricky to use, shimmer blushes can come in two varieties. You can opt for either the soft shine or the more glittery formula. The former can be used for daily wear while the latter can be perfect for parties or when you want a more dramatic look. You can also use this type of blush for highlighting or bronzing purposes as well. Just remember to gradually build up the product – too much at one time can lead to a disaster. A large puffy brush or a beauty blender will be perfect for blending shimmer blushes.

Gel Blush

This type of blush is most recommended during the summers. The gel-like consistency almost instantly adds a healthy color and glow to your face. Oily and dry skin types can most certainly add gel blushes to their makeup bag.

Gel blushes can be blended into the skin with the help of your fingertips. There is one problem with this formula: having a sheer coverage it doesn’t really show on deeper skin tones. Still, light to medium skin tones should definitely give this blush a chance.

Cheek Stain or Tinted Blush

With Korean Beauty and skincare products increasingly growing in popularity, cheek tints or tinted blushes have also found its way on hottest-selling shelves. These are incredibly long-lasting and don’t come off until you wash your face. This blush has a quick-drying formula and can be blended with the help of a damp beauty blender or your fingers. Tinted blush can also double as a lipstick stain.

Remember to apply a little at a time; you should keep blending the blush as you go. In the case of these blushes, less is always more due to its highly pigmented formula.

Stick Blush

This type of blush is similar to a cream blush in terms of the finish and texture. Perfect for people with dry skin, stick blushes are really convenient and can be used on the go. You can easily blend this product using your fingers and can be used by makeup beginners.

It's better to store this product in a cool place as it may melt a little in hot temperatures.

There, all done! These were the different types of blushes that you can buy from the market at the moment. They are available in various colors and finishes to help you look great. Be it contouring, fresh-faced or a dramatic look — a blush is an absolute necessity for that youthful glow.

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