DIY Electric Pressure Washer Projects

What projects can you do at home with an electric pressure washer? So many! Read what to do yourself with a pressure washer.

Electric Pressure Washer Home Projects: What to Clean

Everyone knows you can use an electric pressure washer to clean your sidewalk, deck, or the siding on your house. But did you know a pressure washer can accomplish other tasks that you never thought of? Did you know a pressure washer can peel a sack of potatoes in just a few moments? It’s true. Put the unpeeled potatoes in a crate in your yard or driveway and then blast away the peels like magic. This could be a fun way to entertain the kids or to save time making the Thanksgiving mashed potatoes, but there are bigger projects you can accomplish around your home with the help of a pressure washer, many of which you’ve probably never thought of.

Remove Dead Branches With a Pressure Washer

Do you worry about the dead tree limbs around your yard? Especially those that hang threateningly over your home, or worse, your children’s play area? An electric pressure washer will save you a call to your local tree service. By aiming a direct flow of water pressure at a dead or weakened branch, you can easily knock it from the tree. The pressure will force the limb in the direction of the flow so you can aim it away from your roof toward a target area.

While it’s relatively rare that a limb will fall and injure a person, statistically you are more likely to be killed by a fallen tree limb than a terrorist, so your pressure washer could save your life as well as prevent damage to your home.

Remove Fallen Leaves with a Pressure Washer

Why drag out the rake every October? A pressure washer can easily blast fall leaves from your yard and driveway and accomplish this task much faster and more thoroughly than a leaf blower. It blows the leaves at nearly twice the velocity of a leaf blower and you don’t have to wait for fall leaves to dry out after a rainy period. You can use the water flow to direct the leaves into the wood line near your home in rural areas, or toward your designated yard waste removal area if you are in a trash pick-up area.

Just don’t blast them into your neighbor’s yard.

Cleaning Your Catch With a Pressure Washer

Descaling fish is not a pleasurable task for even the most accomplished and devoted fisherman. Did you know you can save yourself and the other fisherfolk in your life the job of removing fish scales after your fishing trip by cleaning the fish with an electric pressure washer? Just place the fish on any surface, hold the tail end with one hand and direct the high-pressure water flow directly onto the fish. Scales will disappear like magic and leave a clean, smooth catch, ready to fillet.

Cleaning Your Grill With a Pressure Washer

Instead of using a dangerous wire brush, or irritating metal scrubbers, you can clean your grill in minutes with an electric pressure washer with a degreasing detergent added. Save yourself the time and elbow grease, and go prepare your grill for your next summer barbecue in less than half the time by letting your pressure washer do the dirty work for you.

Second Floor Window Cleaning With a Pressure Washer

You can clean hard-to-reach second-story windows without the dangers of a ladder. Many people believe that pressure washers will break glass, but you can use your electric pressure washer to clean your windows by using the 40-degree nozzle to prevent the direct force of water against the glass. Add a window-cleaning detergent to the detergent dispenser and your windows will sparkle.

Garage Floor Cleaning With a Pressure Washer

While gas-powered pressure washers are dangerous in a garage due to carbon monoxide emissions, an electric power washer will safely clean and degrease your garage floor. After removing everything from your garage floor, spray it with a degreaser and then clean your floor with your pressure washer on low power.

An electric pressure washer is a must-have for spring cleaning, and it can also lend its water-powered hand to many other tasks once you realize how versatile it can be. You can use an electric pressure washer for everything from cleaning your gutters to getting a ball or frisbee out of a tree!

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