DIY Makeover Tips

Tired of your look? We have advice. Use our tips to give yourself a makeover

DIY Makeover Tips

The change of seasons is a perfect time to change your look. Not only does the coming cool weather mean some new clothes, or at least the return of warmer clothes from the back to the front of your closet, it also means new color palettes for fall, boots instead of sandals, and possibly a whole new look to go along with it.

If you feel it’s time for a change, but can’t afford a professional makeover, it’s time to think about some simple changes you can make on your own that will give you an updated look to welcome in the new season.

Hair: Your Face’s Frame

It’s important to consider that your hair is the frame for your face. Before you think about changing your makeup and trying something new, you might want to consider a fresh new look for your hair. Maybe there is a style or color that you’ve been thinking about trying for a while and haven’t had the courage? If so, the change of seasons is the perfect excuse for a change of hair style.

If you don’t want to make any startling changes to your hairstyle, you’d be surprised how much of an impact even subtle alterations can make. If you don’t want to commit to an entirely new hair color, maybe add some subtle highlights or lowlights to freshen your look. Trying a new part can subtly alter the way your hair falls around your face just enough that your co-workers will notice how great you look without necessarily knowing what has changed. You can also try straightening curly hair, or curling your hair if you normally wear it straight.

Once you’ve changed your face’s frame, it’s time to think about trying something new with your face!

Makeup Change-up

The first step toward making a makeup change is to double-check the products you’ve been using to see if you have the best choices for your skin tone. Many people don’t realize that their skin, no matter the color, also has an undertone that is important to match with their makeup. Undertones fall into three categories: warm, cool, and neutral. You can determine your tone by looking at your wrist. If your skin is pinkish and your veins look blue or purple, you are cool-toned. If your skin has gold or yellow hues and your veins look green, you are warm-toned. If you can’t determine either way, you are probably neutral.

The best makeup foundation choice for you should contain either warm, cool, or neutral tones in order to blend naturally with your coloring. If you normally buy your makeup at a drugstore, you might want to try a department store that lets you try test samples before purchasing so you can find your perfect shade. Often stores that specialize in makeup will have in-house experts to offer you coloring advice.

Eyebrow Wow!

If hair is the frame for your face, eyebrows may be the masterpiece within. Nothing changes the look of a face more than eyebrow shaping. Only a lucky few are born with perfectly shaped eyebrows. Most of us have to put in a little work to achieve and maintain the perfect brow shape to set off our face. Eyebrows have to be routinely trimmed, shaped, defined, and filled.

While trends may control the most desired brow shape of the day, it’s important to follow the natural line of your own eyebrows and then accentuate them, rather than attempting to draw on an entirely new brow line. Even while wearing no other makeup, well-groomed, clearly-defined brows will allow you to look put-together and refined.

If your brows are too thin, it can give you a harsh look and add years to your age. In that case, you can fill in your eyebrows with a variety of new products that fill in sparse brows without leaving them looking drawn-on. New eyebrow pens are available with multiple tips to resemble real hair rather than a single line. Some products even contain hair-like filler fibers that stay in your brows to add texture and depth. The good news is that these products are washable, unlike microblading and tattooing, so you don’t have to be afraid to experiment at home until you find your perfect new look.

Lash Out!

Today’s trends don’t lock everyone into a single acceptable look, instead, personal choice is more important than ever. When it comes to eyelashes you can go big with your choice of many new super-lengthening mascaras and a new eyelash curler. Or you can go even bigger with false eyelashes. This is something else that is easy to experiment with in your own home. You can try on multiple sizes and shapes until you find your new favorite look for daytime and for date night.

A New Hue

Seasonal change is also a great time to change out your lip color. With fall coming, you may want to experiment with a new everyday lip color in a natural shade to compliment your coloring, again keeping in mind your skin’s undertones. Then mix it up with a dusky warm color for fall, and a radiant red for the coming holidays. By New Years, you’ll be a new you!

And then it’s time to think about mixing it up for spring ...

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