The Dos and Don'ts of False Eyelashes

How do you put on false eyelashes? Here are the basics. Learn how to use and remove false eyelashes correctly — and what NOT to do.

Wearing False Eyelashes: How-To Guide

False eyelashes are the perfect way to get that perfectly lush and thick lashes that we aren’t naturally blessed with. But, they can be really intimidating. Although simple to look at, they do have a lot of intricacies involved. Putting them on, taking them off, or maintaining them — it is definitely a task.

Here is our list of false eyelashes do's and don’ts that can make your life easier and your eye game stronger.

How to correctly use false eyelashes

There are a few tricks that can help you make your false eyelash routine easy yet effective. Some of these include the following:

Do Size Your Fake Eyelashes According to Your Eye Shape

Your false eyelashes won't be a perfect fit straight out of the package. There might be issues with the length and size — some can be too long, some can be too wide. You need to trim every singular lash to tailor-make it according to your eye shape.

Do Apply the Lash Glue in a Dotted Line on the Fake Eyelashes

This is one beauty mistake that many of us commit. Too much glue can wear down your false eyelashes or it’ll end up being visible on the eyelids. Applying the glue in dots will give it a steady base preventing it to come off.

You can also try putting a little extra towards the inner corners of the false eyelashes.

Do Place the False Eyelashes Just Above Your Lash Line

Here, balance is the key. The aim here should be to merge the false eyelashes with our real ones. If the false eyelashes aren’t put on carefully, a strip of skin will end up showing. You also do not have to put false eyelashes right on top of your real ones. Hence, placing the false eyelashes right above the lash line can give it a natural look.

Do ‘Warm’ Your False Eyelashes and Use A Tweezer

‘Warming’ is actually a very efficient way that can help the eyelashes fit perfectly. Before you place the eyelashes on your lids, curl the eyelashes around your finger or your makeup brush. This will help the eyelash to fit better around the natural curvature of the eye.

Using a tweezer for putting the lashes on is both, hygienic and precise. It may look intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it‘ll easy and efficient.

Do Invest in A Natural-Looking False Pair of Eyelashes

You need to choose eyelashes that complement your natural eye shape. It is also better to opt for eyelashes that are a tad bit longer than your real ones unless, of course, you are opting for a dramatic look.

what you shouldn't do when using False Eyelashes

There are a couple of things to avoid when it comes to getting natural-looking eyelashes. They are as follows:

Don’t Put Too Much Glue on Your False Eyelashes

As mentioned above, too much glue isn't good. It'll only make your eyelashes clumpy. It will also put excess weight on your eyelids that can irritate your eyes. In fact, applying a bare minimum amount of glue can help the fake eyelashes to fit better on the curve of your eyes.

Don’t Skip Your Mascara

You’ve put your false eyelashes on. So, now you’re done, right? Actually, no.

You have to apply mascara after you put on your false eyelashes. This way, your original lashes, and your false lashes will blend together giving a more natural look. This also gives you more volume too.

Don’t Put Your False Eyelashes On Directly After Applying the Glue

Let your glue dry a bit before placing the false eyelashes on top of your lash line. The aim should be to make it semi-dry. Waiting for 30 seconds after applying the glue should do the trick. Otherwise, the false eyelashes will not sit properly causing a lot of hassle.

Don’t Put Individual Lashes in a Hurry

Individual lashes always take time. You need to place every single lash either between your natural lashes or above them, after dipping it in glue. This is a very elaborate process and is only recommended if you have the time to invest.

Don’t Skip Your Eyelash Curler

By curling the false eyelashes into your real ones, you can get your eyelashes to stay on for a long time and make them look more natural. But remember to apply gentle pressure. You don’t want your eyelashes, natural or false, to come off!

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