How To Choose Between An Electric Or Gas-Powered Chainsaw

Are electric or gas-powered chainsaws better? It depends. Choose the right type of chainsaw for your own project and maintenance needs.

Chainsaw Types: Are Electric or Gas Chainsaws Better?

The chainsaw is one of those iconic tools. The chainsaw has become one of the most utilized power tools for most heavy-duty cutting jobs. Because the chainsaw is a very powerful tool, it's almost always made with a gasoline engine, but advancements in electronic engine technology have lead to a rise in more powerful and mainstream electric power tools.

There has been a push to preserve the environment with more environmentally-friendly tools, and at the forefront of this newfound push are electric power tools. There used to be a stigma associated with electric power tools that they were just not sufficient enough when it came to power, but with the recent advances in technology cordless power tools have come a long way.

Depending on what you are going to use it for, an electric chainsaw can be a welcome alternative to the loud gasoline-powered chainsaws that we are used to seeing. But, if you need raw power to get the job done right a gasoline-powered chainsaw is generally the way to go. There are advantages and disadvantages to both variants of the chainsaw family, and you are going to have to decide which class of chainsaw fits your needs.

Most ordinary consumers can probably get away with having a small electric chainsaw around for quick jobs here and there, but a professional is probably going to want the gas-powered unit. Chainsaws are a lot different than they were back in the day, and we are going to discuss how to decide between a gas model or an electric model.

Why to use Electric Chainsaws

Technology has advanced so far in recent years that a fully functional chainsaw can now be had in an electric variant, and there are quite a few advantages to the electric chainsaw. First and foremost, the electric chainsaw is generally powered by a much lighter-weight motor and what this does is create a tool that’s a lot lighter to use.

Now, with this new lightweight motor comes some other advantages that the home user will enjoy. Working with a chainsaw can take its toll on your arms during usage, and part of this is because they are so heavy. Because the electric chainsaw is a lot lighter you’ll be able to get more work done, which adds a new level of productivity that you might not have had while using your old gas-powered chainsaw.

Noise is another factor to consider when it comes to an electric chainsaw because the reduction in noise is amazing. Electric chainsaws run a lot quieter during operation which makes them more suitable for suburban neighborhoods and other areas where you want to avoid making a high level of noise, and let's face it a gas chainsaw is one noisy tool.

Electric chainsaws have a major benefit over gasoline-powered models and that's upkeep, which is minimal on an electric chainsaw. Where gasoline-powered models require new filters and spark plugs to keep the unit running smoothly, the electric model requires no such maintenance which means that you can just plug it in and begin working.

Why to use Gas-Powered Chainsaws

The gasoline-powered chainsaw is one of the most notoriously well known power tools around, from cutting tree limbs to just about anything else that you would need a large amount of power to trim. The gasoline-powered chainsaw is big and powerful, generally appealing to the commercial market because of its raw power.

There are a few reasons as to why you would choose a gasoline-powered chainsaw, the first of which is the power that the gas-powered chainsaw delivers as opposed to an electric motor. When it comes to big jobs that require a good amount of power you can’t go wrong with a gas-powered chainsaw, and this is why the gas-powered chainsaw has remained a staple of the power tool market.

Gasoline-powered chainsaws are an ideal choice for both commercial customers and general consumers who might own a good deal of land and need a chainsaw that they can depend on. Gasoline-powered models are going to be able to handle the tough jobs a lot longer than an electric model because you can keep running a gasoline model non-stop as long as you re-fuel whereas the electric models have to be recharged.

Although gasoline models do require more upkeep in terms of maintenance you tend to get more raw power out of a gas-powered tool, and if you have a big job to do power is an essential thing. Gas-powered tools such as the chainsaw are heavier and require more upper body strength to maneuver, and because you are carrying around a hot internal combustion engine the chainsaw can’t reach all areas safely.

How To Decide Which Chainsaw Is Right For You

Whether you are a commercial customer or just the average consumer, a chainsaw is a must-have power tool for anyone who has foliage around their property. Electric powered tools have come a long way from the corded nightmares of the past, but they still have quite some way to go in terms of matching the power that their gas-powered alternatives offer.

Before settling on one specific type of chainsaw you need to examine what your needs are, and how much you are planning on using the tool. Electric chainsaws require little to no maintenance, and they operate with a quiet sound which means that you can use them in places and at times that you couldn’t use a gas-powered model.

Still, the gas-powered chainsaw has its advantages too. If you have a lot of acreage around your home and there is a good amount of foliage to be cut you can’t go wrong with a gas-powered chainsaw. The thing with gas-powered equipment is that it requires upkeep, and to keep your chainsaw running smoothly there is a bit of work that you’ll need to put in to do the maintenance every year. But, the gas-powered chainsaws offer a lot more raw power that can be utilized to get you through everything from a tree stump to broken foliage during the storm season.

Whichever you pick, the chainsaw is an essential tool that you need to keep a neat and tidy property looking great.

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