Essential Oils for Massages

The lowdown on how to incorporate essential oils into your next massage

Essential Oils can Improve your massage experience

Massages can provide a world of benefits, including stress relief. By soothing muscles, you can boost your mood, alleviate pain, and help relieve chronic pain. If you add essential oils into the mix, the benefits can increase by tenfold.

Essential oils have been known to help ease anxiety and depression, energize the body, calm the mind, and even help with things like insomnia and menstrual pain. By integrating essential oils into your massage routine, you’ll likely find that your massages will no longer solely be benefiting your muscles, but providing a fuller, mind-body experience.

How Do You Use Essential Oils During a Massage?

For those who are less familiar with essential oils, they can be used in a myriad of ways. For those who are just wanting to dabble with essential oils, you can invest in a diffuser to use while you’re getting your massage.

For those who are more serious about implementing essential oils into their life, a few drops of essential oil can be added into a massage base oil and used on the body.

Diffusing Essential Oils

When it comes to diffusing essential oils, you have a few options. There are ultrasonic diffusers, electric diffusers, candle lamps, terra cotta devices, and mists that can be deployed. If you’re getting a massage, diffusing essential oils during the process can be one of the relaxing activities that you can partake in.

Essential oil diffusion runs the gamut when it comes to benefits. Along with helping to eliminate odor, essential oil diffusion can promote good sleep, improve respiratory health, elevate the mood, reduce stress and anxiety, control appetite, and boost memory. Now who wouldn’t want to partake in all of these wonderful things while simultaneously enjoying a massage?

Using Essential Oils in Massage Oil

The other way that essential oils can be used during the massage process is by actually adding them to your massage oil. Massage oil is used to help prevent excess friction while receiving a massage. It also allows the masseuse’s hands to flow more easily over the skin, making for a calming and seamless massage experience.

By adding essential oils into your massage oil, you’ll not only get to smell the essential oil that you’ve added, but your skin will absorb it. Some essential oils can have healing components or can help soothe sore muscles after a workout. They work to navigate through your bloodstream to disperse to the areas that will most benefit from them.

Types of Essential Oils and Their Benefits

Lavender essential oil is a popular choice because of its fresh aroma and revitalizing scent. Lavender essential oil is noted for helping the body adapt to stress. It can also aid in relaxation and help in promoting good sleep. Furthermore, lavender essential oil can boost energy and stamina, making it an ideal pick for massages.

Angelica essential oil has been called the “Oil of Angels” because of its ability to calm nerves and promote happiness. If you want to leave your massage in a delighted and peaceful mood, angelica essential oil may be a great choice for you. Furthermore, angelica essential oil is also said to help bring about a peaceful sleep for those who suffer from insomnia.

Geranium essential oil is both a relaxer and an uplifter. This essential oil has a floral fragrance that relaxes the body, helps promote better circulation, and improves the nervous system. Geranium essential oil can also revitalize body tissue, which goes hand-in-hand with the benefits of a massage.

Coriander essential oil has a sweet scent, and has been known to help promote a healthy digestive system. For those who suffer from digestive problems, having your massage therapist add a few drops of coriander essential oil to your massage oil is a fantastic way to enjoy the benefits of a massage while also working to relieve and soothe your digestive tract.

Should You Use Essential Oils During a Massage?

As long as you don’t have any kind of allergic reaction, essential oils can add a whole new layer of restoration and relaxation to any massage. If you’re not sure how your body will react to essential oils, it’s always best to try them out on a small area of the skin first to see how your body responds. If all goes well, adding essential oils to your massage experience will only make for a greater and more effective treatment.

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