Everything You Need to know about Face Powders

Curious about powders? We're here to help. Read up on everything there is to know about face powders

What you should know about face powders and why you need them

Initially, a face powder just meant, er, a face powder. Now, it has become a category under which a variety of products are available. If you were to ask any beauty enthusiast about their favorite face powder, they’ll probably go on a rant listing out products such as translucent powders, HD powders, and, of course, setting powders. What you need to take note of is that there are many other formulae available as well.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about face powders – what exactly is the product, the different types of face powders, and why you need them in your makeup bag.

Decoding the Face Powder and its Ingredients

A cosmetic product, face powder is applied after foundation application to help it last longer and eliminate excess shine. Nowadays, beauty companies have launched pigmented face powders that can be applied to the face without needing a base of foundation or concealer.

Face powders are created using a variety of different ingredients. Talc, however, is the main ingredient in most of the powder products. It helps to absorb the excess oil giving a matte finish which is why it’s also called French chalk. Dimethicone is the second most prominent ingredient in face powders. It is this synthetic, silicone-based ingredient that helps to smooth the skin, acting as an adhesive, which is why it can “fix” the appearance of blemishes and large pores. The tinted powder formula contains various mineral pigments such as zinc oxide, iron oxide, titanium dioxide, and chromium oxide. Take care to skip products that contain fragrances as they can aggravate the skin, causing rashes or redness.

Organic face powders consist of a mixture of natural colorants, AZA colorants, xanthenes, and triarylmethane. These types of face powders are silicone-free as well.

The Different Types of Face Powders Available

As mentioned before, there are a variety of face powders available. Read on to know which one would be perfect for you.

1. Loose Powders: Consisting of small particles and available in jars, loose powders can be really messy and difficult to carry along. Loose powder can be used to correct mistakes that may occur while applying makeup. Buyers can use a large, puffy brush and lightly dust the product all over the face for easy application.

2. Setting Powders: Definitely, the most famous face powder type, setting powders helps to mattify the face and eliminate shine. It gives a flawless finish by blurring out fine lines and pores.

With a finer consistency, setting powders are perfect for light coverage. It’s a type of loose powder but is marketed as a different product. Buyers can opt for either the tinted or translucent setting powder.

3. Pressed Powder: You must have already heard of a compact. This is what exactly a pressed powder is. It contains ingredients such as waxes and silicones that turn the powder product into a semi-solid, hence the name 'pressed' powder. As a result of this, it's very convenient to carry and use for those quick touch-ups.

They are perfect for giving a natural, matte look and are quite lasting as well. Just don’t apply too much product if you don’t have to look cakey or aged. You can use a beauty blender or a makeup brush to get a more uniform finish.

4. HD Powders: HD powders are actually finishing powders that help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and other imperfections such as blemishes. They give a soft, glowy feel to the skin. These products are perfect for people who have to face the camera. HD Powders can give a sublime finish to the user, making the photos look awesome.

Why You Need Face Powders in Your Life

Whether you want sheer or matte coverage, to remove oil from your face, make your foundation last longer, or get that flawless, flawless finish, face powders are a must-have makeup product. Products such as the setting powder can be used on a daily basis as they’re easier to blend using a makeup brush or a makeup sponge. You get a natural, fresh-looking, and youthful complexion through these products. So, keeping all this in mind, remind me again why wouldn’t you want it?

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