How to Extend the Life of Wireless Earbuds

Bought some wireless earbuds? Here's a tip. Follow these steps to extend the life of your wireless earbuds.

These tips will help you extend the life of your wireless earbuds

As technology such as smartphones update and evolve, so do the accessories we pair with them. As phones become more advanced, developers find ways to make them ultra-functional while also becoming more slimming and compact for everyday convenience. As a result of becoming slimmer, many smartphones lack jacks for traditional corded headphones or earbuds. As the best wireless earbuds have become a popular choice for listening to content on smartphones, it is important to maintain them to ensure they will remain sanitized and functional during the life of your smartphone.

How Do I Care for My Wireless Earbuds to Make them Last Longer?

Although wireless earbuds don’t have cables and cords to make them functional, they do require a detachable cable for recharging. It is important to make sure you’re storing the charging cable carefully to avoid any bending or twisting. These cables cost money to replace, and a damaged cable could further damage the connecting ports on your wireless earbuds. To save money and help your earbuds last longer, resist the urge to wad up the cables before storing them.

Choose to store your wireless earbuds in a way that protects them for damage. Many brands of wireless earbuds come with their own cases for storage, and it is recommended that you always choose to store them properly. Much like the charger cables, it is tempting to toss them in the bottom of a gym bag or purse, but this can lead to permanent damage that will warrant you paying for a replacement pair.

It is also important to keep your wireless earbuds away from any contact with moisture. Getting caught in the rain while wearing them or forgetting to clean away sweat after an intense workout can lead to irreversible damage to your wireless earbuds. After any contact with moisture, it is important to wipe away any excess moisture and then leave them out to dry instead of immediately storing them again. You can remove excess moisture from the speaker part of your wireless earbuds by using a piece of cotton or a soft cloth. If the water exposure is more extreme, such as accidental immersion, you can place them in a bag of rice to draw out any damaging moisture.

Another way to extend the life of your wireless earbuds is to adjust the sound quality directly on your device. Many people assume that turning up the volume on your earbuds is the best way to get better, clearer sound on them, but this isn’t usually the case. There are volume and sound adjustment settings found on your device that can improve the sound quality and clarity through your wireless earbuds. Another way to fix this volume quality issue is to listen to music through directly downloaded sources. Often the sound quality produced through music streaming apps isn’t as good as directly downloaded content because the signals streaming your music are internet signal-dependent. Continually turning up the volume on your wireless earbuds can eventually wear them out from overuse.

One of the most important aspects of extending the life of your wireless earbuds is making sure you choose a quality pair to purchase. Many brands of wireless earbuds are available, but choosing a pair that is made with higher quality parts will last longer than its cheaper counterparts. Like many other products, choosing to spend a little extra on high quality wireless earbuds in the beginning will stop you from constantly having to troubleshoot problems with them or spending more money to replace them sooner.

Why Should I Clean and Sanitize My Wireless Earbuds?

Wireless earbuds are designed to be compact so they can sit comfortably inside the user’s ears. Constant contact with the inside of the ears, however can lead to a lot of dirt and grime buildup, and you'll need to clean and sanitize your earbuds periodically. Besides sitting in the ears, our wireless earbuds also end up in lots of other places—sweaty hands at the gym, the bottom of our bags, and on shared surfaces such as desks, to name a few.

Over time, this grime can build up inside the speaker portion of the wireless earbuds and affect their playing quality. It also serves as a breeding ground for germs. This buildup can be removed by gently rubbing them with a hard bristled toothbrush and wiping them with some rubbing alcohol. Not only will you keep your wireless earbuds working much longer, but they will also be clean.

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