Eye Creams for Men? A New Trend

Eye Creams for Men? A New Trend

While under eye creams have been marketed to women for decades, men have had to sit by and watch their own fine lines and dark circles slowly take hold around their eyes and simply shrug it off, perhaps feeling too embarrassed to purchase or use products marketed strictly toward women. Fortunately, in recent years the skincare market has finally responded and is now producing men’s grooming products that include some of the best under eye cream choices. Men now have the option to reach for their own eye creams. So what does a man look for in an eye cream?

Why Men Need Some of the Best Under Eye Creams Too

While many of us believe that a few lines around a man’s eyes are quite (unfairly) attractive, when the lines and bags start to really pile up, it can make a man look older than perhaps he’d like to appear. While it’s true that the skin on a man’s face is thicker than that of a woman, the area around the eye has thinner, more fragile skin, just as it does in women, and requires special care in order to look its best. Fortunately, some of the best under eye cream choices are now available for men.

Men, like many women, work in competitive industries where they are competing with younger co-workers who are trying to climb the corporate ladder—and often climbing over them on the way. Many men feel that looking younger gives them more of a competitive edge, as well as the needed confidence to succeed in the business world.

Plus—men in any line of work just want to look their best, as do women.

What Men Should Look for to Find the Best Under Eye Cream

Not only is the skin beneath the eye thin, fragile and prone to wrinkles and lines, but as both men and women age, the fat reserves plumping out our faces thins, causing the flesh to fall against the bone. This creates shadows, and brings dark blood vessels closer to the surface of the skin, causing dark circles to appear much more prominent.

While moisturizing and hydration are the first and foremost defense against lines and wrinkles, men should also be looking for products that minimize dark circles, reduce puffiness, and even out skin tone. The best under eye cream products offer solutions for both problems.

According to dermatologists, men should look for eye creams that contain the right ingredients, including powerful antioxidants to fight damaging free radical cells that result from several environmental factors, including UV rays.

Also beneficial, is to look for the best under eye creams which contain plumping ingredients such as hyaluronic acid to fill out and smooth the thinning flesh beneath the eyes.

Another important eye cream ingredient for men to look for are soothing, cooling anti-inflammatory ingredients such as green tea, aloe vera, chamomile and coconut oil in order to reduce puffiness. Keeping your eye cream in the refrigerator and applying in the morning will provide instant anti-puffiness.

Men should be looking for eye creams that provide anti-wrinkle benefits such as those containing retinol, which encourages new cell growth, sloughing off of dead skin cells, and essential collagen rebuilding.

Finally, men should be reaching for the eye cream products that minimize dark under-eye circles which can not only age their appearance, but also make them look tired and less energized. The best under eye cream choices offer ingredients like caffeine, arnica, and vitamin K, which are helpful for reducing dark shadows under the eyes.

The Best Under Eye Cream Choices for Outdoor Activities

Dermatologists also recommend that men choose different under eye creams for summer and winter, keeping in mind especially the types of outdoor activities enjoyed in both seasons. In the summer lighter moisturizers and serums are recommended to add a light layer of hydration and protection to the skin around the eyes. In the winter a thicker cream will lock in moisture to provide protection from chapping and drying in cold weather and wind. SPF protection is crucial in all seasons.

Packaging Eye Creams for Men

Men no longer have to worry about sneaking pink eye cream in decorative pots, tubs, and bottles out of the women’s skincare aisles. Most stores now carry many varieties of eye cream for men in the men’s grooming product departments right next to shaving cream and razors. The best under eye cream products for men are attractively and subtly packaged in a way that is clearly aimed at men, with lots of chromatic colors, and black, white and blue packaging. And with product names like “Every Man Jack,” “High Performance,” and “Eye Fuel,” there’s no pink, pastel, or hearts and roses to be seen, and any man will feel good about purchasing and using these products to look his best.

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