Eyebrow Pencil Types and How to Choose

Which type of eyebrow pencil is best? We go over the options. Choose the right type of eyebrow pencil to create your perfect, polished brow look.

Types of Eyebrow Pencils: What's Best for You?

As with many things in life, eyebrow pencils come in many options. How to know what brow pencil is right for your eyebrows does depend on a handful of factors such as what you are looking for when you contour your eyebrows, what type of brow you are looking for, do you want a natural or dramatic look, and what color do you think suits you best.

These factors, of course, are only a few that you can be working with. Others that can be mentioned are shape, size, and style of your eyebrows. Do you have allergies? Are you looking for something long-lasting or something that will come off quickly?

And the list can go on.

Below is a look at various pencil types and what the types can do for you (if you are looking for something specific). If you want to do some experimenting, you can pick from a few of the pencils below to see how contouring your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil will help define your makeup style.

Gel eyebrow pencils

A gel eyebrow wand looks more like mascara. The gel substance is used for holding and defining hairs. Usually, a gel wand will be the last piece of your makeup puzzle since it is used to maintain your brow hair in place. This tool is useful for those who have thicker eyebrows that seem to move and are a little more manageable. Most gel-based eyebrow makeup comes in three to six colors and ranges from tinted to full shade.

The gel ingredient can give your eyebrow arches a little more bang and can help keep those pesky hairs in place.

To use the gel wand, use it as a vertical mascara brush and comb the eyebrow hairs into whatever shape you’d like. This product could be useful for experimenting and a more dramatic look if you want to try out new styles.

traditional eyebrow Pencils

A pencil style eyebrow pencil is used for filling and refining. There are many ways to use a waxy, pencil but many reviews claim that no other type of pencil fills in eyebrows with a hair-like precision than that of the pencil. The reason for this is the point, and the softness of the pencil ingredients allow for a smooth and even stroke.

Using the pencil is easy, make sure to brush your brow after you add the pencil. Use small, quick strokes that match the hair length and direction will give you the best results, also, if you want more depth to your brow, add layers to provide the design with more contour.

The more you use, the darker and the more complex your eyebrows will appear.

Powder eyebrow makeup

Powder brow makeup looks a lot like eyeshadow and comes in similar packaging. Use it for sparse filling in and lighter colored eyebrows. The powder will shade underneath the hair and will give the illusion of fuller eyebrows.

To use the powder, make sure to have the right color and the right brush. It’s essential because the denseness of the powder allows the user to use the makeup concisely.

Powder brow makeup is the easiest to control and the easiest to clean off if you make a mistake. So you can try many shapes and shadows in a quick window and will find what works right for you in the fastest time.

Pomade for eyebrows

Like the gel wand, a pomade brush is a liquid-like material used for definition, texture, and hold. The pomade substance offers a more natural hold to the eyebrow and will texturize the brow with little to no effort.

Using the pomade brush much like the mascara brush, simply comb it through your eyebrows and use as much or as little to get your desired effect. This type of brow makeup dries quicker than gel (depending on how generously you apply the pomade) and can give your brows a stationary look without adding other powder or colors to your face.

Eyebrow Markers

A brow marker is used for definition, drama, and longevity. While it will take a while to remove the marker makeup, using a marker to define your eyebrows is a fast way to create arcs with extreme precision. The material the marker is made of makes mistakes a little harder to clean, so make sure to keep some vitamin E oil close by when trying out a new marker or style.

For a natural look, use it as you would an eyebrow pencil with short strokes in the direction of your brows. A marker can give the illusion of more hair, especially with thinner brows.

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