Does Eyelash Glue Work as Brow Gel?

Like double duty cosmetics? We can help. Here's the scoop on whether lash glue can stand in for brow gel.

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Learn whether your lash glue can double as a brow gel

Who knew it was this common to use glue on your face?

It’s easy to understand what eyelash glue is for because it's essential to applying false lashes. What about eyebrow gel or glue sticks you can buy at the office supply store? Both are supposedly great makeup tools, too.

Glue is a fixture in the beauty industry. We can work with that. If people can walk around in high heels and corsets all day, a little bit of adhesive here and there is not a big deal.

In this article, we’re going to talk about eyebrow gel. What is it for and what other products can mimic its effect on your overall look? We’re also going to take a little detour and learn how the humble all-purpose glue stick has far transcended its original use.

What Is Brow Gel?

Eyebrow gel is usually packaged in a small tube with a cap-fixed applicator that looks like a small wand. These products come in different sizes, shapes, and names but the function is essentially the same: to make your eyebrows look good.

You apply brow gel by brushing the product onto your eyebrows in the opposite direction of your hair growth. Make sure that there’s not too much gel on the wand tip to start with, as you’ll want to deposit any pigment added to the product gradually. You don’t want to end up with too-dark eyebrows that don’t look natural.

When you’re satisfied with the look, brush in the direction of your hair growth and smooth the brows hairs down.

Why Do You Need Eyebrow Gel?

Eyebrow gel can camouflage sparse patches due to overplucking. Some even come with brow fibers to build up some texture. Match the gel color to your hair—many product lines carry from blonde to black—and it will work like magic. People won’t be able to tell that you’re using makeup, and will wonder how your brows stay behaved all day.

Think of this beauty product as mascara or hairspray for your brows. Mascara adds definition, fullness, and that extra lush factor to your eyelashes. Brow gel does the same for your eyebrows.

Unlike a triangle-tipped brow definer that is meant to add detail and color, the main goal of brow gel is to tame your long and wild brow hairs.

Can You Really Use Glue on Your Eyebrows?

Yes! But don’t simply take our word for it.

Sir John—Beyoncé's trusted makeup artist—endorses the technique. He even reveals that he uses Elmer's Glue Stick as brow gel because it stands up to heat, washes off without issues, and doesn’t clog skin pores.

This sentiment isn’t new at all, to be honest. Drag queens have known about the wonders of the all-purpose craft glue stick for ages! Some use spirit gum or Pros-Aide to glue brows down before putting on a face of makeup. Many use washable glue sticks that dry clear.

How Do You Use Eyelash Glue as Your Brow Gel?

Using glue sticks on your eyebrows is a well-known beauty hack by now. In contrast, using lash glue is not so common. People picked up on the technique when 2018 Miss Universe Catriona Gray did it during a pageant look makeup tutorial video released by Vogue.

To start, use a clear and water-resistant eyelash adhesive. You will also need a brand new or freshly cleaned spoolie brush. Fill in your brows with eyebrow pencil or powder.

You can wait until you’re just about done before using the lash glue.

Dab a bit of the eyelash adhesive onto the back of your hand. Use the spoolie brush to pick up a tiny amount and comb it through your eyebrows. You’ll only get a few swipes in before the glue sets, so you need to be quick when you shape the unruly hairs to follow your makeup.

Is the Lash Glue as Brow Gel Hack for You?

Have long and wiry eyebrow hairs? If they refuse to stay in place, it’s worth trying this easy trick.

The final look is as good as natural. It’s very hard to tell that the lash adhesive is there, as the clear product leaves only a faint shine. The glue stays on all day and it comes off with minimal effort. You can use a cleansing oil or balm to help it along when you wash your face.

The best part is that eyelash adhesive is so much more affordable than your typical eyebrow gel. Lash glue-secured brows never need retouching, either.

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