Is Eyelash Growth Serum Safe to Use?

Worried about using eyelash growth serum? We've got the scoop. Here's whether eyelash growth serum is safe

What you need to know about eyelash growth serum and whether it's safe

More brands are coming up with over-the-counter formulas for eyelash growth serum that helps to lengthen your lashes. Some of you may question whether eyelash growth serum is safe to use? You may even reason that users do not really notice dramatic improvements from these serums, so why use them?

According to a well-known dermatologist in NY City, Debra Jaliman, specific formulations contain nourishing ingredients that strengthen the hairs of your lashes, so they become more resilient against breakages.

It is suggested you look out for formulas that have lipids, peptides, or biotin as ingredients. The latter is a B vitamin that serves to make lashes grow thicker and longer while it stimulates the growth of follicles. Jaliman goes on to explain that lipids moisturize and condition the lashes while peptides act on the skin cells of your lashes and result in a healthier foundation.

However, some folks need to be cautious, as using eyelash growth serum can result in an adverse reaction due to skin sensitivity. A notable side effect is itchiness next to your eyelash line. Others may find it is okay to use as long as they minimize their use to only a few times per week and not every day.

For decades, women have been using falsies, growth techniques and mascara to enhance their eyelashes. Recently, a new product emerged — eyelash growth serum. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have movie star lashes. For them, eyelash enhancing serums are heaven-sent as it promises to deliver thick and long lashes.

There are still some concerns regarding the safety of these serums as different brands make all sorts of claims and the products they advertise contain different ingredients.

Many of the popular lash serums are simply conditioners that are in place to prevent your lashes from falling out. Therefore, you can sport fuller eyelashes.

Healthy lashes require enough moisture. Many mascara products are very drying and cause breakages that result in sparser and shorter looking eyelashes.

This is where eyelash serums come into play as these conditions your lashes and improve their appearance and health. Furthermore, the serums are enriched with peptides and antioxidants such as biotin, apple stem extract, and castor oil.

Over the counter products tend to make your lashes look fuller. However, they do not increase the growth of your lashes.

The primary reason why experts regard eyelash growth serum safe to use is that these are packed with peptides or amino acids that also serve as protein building blocks. Then again, peptides and amino acids nourish eyelashes and fix damages.

Various FDA approved products are seen as safe for use by consumers. However, there are risks to be aware of as far as any kind of treatment used close to your eye area. Your eyes are extra sensitive, and so is the skin surrounding it.

When applied topically, eyelash serums are considered safe to use. But, some folks may struggle with sensitivity issues and experience adverse reactions to them. Some of the symptoms they will notice is a darkening of the eyelid skin and itchy red eyes. In rare instances, eyelash serums have been shown to increase the pigmentation of the iris. Light-colored eyes can turn into brown eyes.

It is best to wipe away excess serum from your skin after application to minimize adverse reactions. In most cases, roughly 4 percent of users experience adverse reactions.

Should you experience any adverse reactions to using eyelash serum, you should stop using it right away. Most symptoms will fade away within a couple of weeks after you have finished using it. These serums can possibly exacerbate blepharitis and dry eye.

If you have problems with any of the conditions mentioned here, then be sure to avoid using them.

Before you use any new beauty products that will be used near your eyes, test a small area first. Apply the product on your inner elbow then wait for a day or two to see if you will break out in a rash or have trouble with any other sensitivities.

As a whole, eyelash serums are safe to use and assist in emphasizing your own lashes. Whether you opt for a peptide infused conditioner for eyelashes or a prescription serum that boosts hair growth, eyelash serums are the best remedy to enhance your natural lashes and encourage the growth of healthy, thick lashes.

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