Face Moisturizing for Men

Do men need moisturizing? We can answer. Here's the scoop on face moisturizing for men

The bottom line on face moisturizing for men

When you think of facial moisturizers, chances are what comes to mind immediately are pretty pink pots of face cream with scientific sounding names and pink lotion that smells like roses. You probably don’t immediately think of men applying moisturizer at bedtime over their five-o’clock shadow. However, there are many good reasons why men shouldn’t laugh off the idea of applying a nightly moisturizer.

Moisturizing for Real Men

Men no longer have to worry about shopping for moisturizer in the women’s skin care aisles, surrounded by pink containers with flowery fragrances. The skincare industry is now much more up-to-date and open about marketing toward the skincare needs of men. Many of the best face moisturizer options for men are now to be found in the men’s grooming department, and the packaging and product names are meant to appeal to men. Some of the best face moisturizers for men have names with more masculine appeal such as Facial Fuel, Jack Black Double Duty, Bull Dog, Lather, and Wood and Task. Men’s moisturizers are typically fragrance-free, so they don’t have to worry about smelling like lavender and roses.

The goal of all face creams is to add oils and moisture to your skin to promote a healthy skin barrier to assist your skin to retain its own natural hydration.

What Should Men Look for to Find the Best Face Moisturizer?

According to dermatologists, it takes surprisingly little for men to see a big improvement in their skin. Simply applying one of the best face moisturizers for men twice a day can make your skin smoother and more supple, helping to smooth out fine lines.

Because men often shave on a daily basis, their skin gets exfoliated daily. This makes it important to find a good face moisturizer to restore the skin’s protective barrier. Just like women, men lose moisture from their skin every day from washing, showering, wind and weather. Men should also consider their skin type. Dry? Oily? Combination?

According to dermatologists, men most commonly have normal to oily skin, making water-based moisturizers generally the best choice. However, you can determine your skin type by taking a good look at your T-zone at the end of the day. The T-zone is the area of the bridge of your nose to up over your eye-brows. If it’s slightly shiny, you have normal to oily skin. If it is dry and matte, with little to no shine, you have dry skin and should consider an oil-based moisturizer. The best face moisturizer choices will indicate on the label if they are meant for dry, oily, combination, or normal skin.

When Should Men Use a Face Moisturizer?

Just as you rest your mind, muscles, eyes and body at night, your skin is also resting and renewing itself. The best time for a man to moisturize is the same as for a woman. In the evening, after showering or washing your face, apply a face moisturizer to help lock the hydration in your skin cells caused by warm water and steam. The best face moisturizers provide a barrier on the surface of the skin to keep the essential cell hydration from evaporating. Allowing your cells to spend the night replenished and hydrated will help to prevent and erase fine lines, even out roughness and discoloration, and help you to wake up with more supple, elastic skin.

You may think adding one nightly step to your skincare routine is more than enough, especially if you are the type who appreciates a body wash that doubles as a shampoo in order to save a step, you really should consider adding just one more product to your skincare regimen.

While moisturizing at night is critical, men should also consider applying a daytime face moisturizer in the morning after shaving. The best face moisturizers for men should include some SPF skin protection. Men, just like women, need protection from the damaging UV rays of the sun. While you might think a few crows feet just add to your attraction, (and—unfairly—they do, on most men) sun damage is more serious than just a few fine lines. Though you might think a rugged, tanned skin looks appealing, you will be less thrilled when eventually your face develops sunspots and disfiguring skin cancer.

Men, just like women, need to protect and replenish their skin to keep it in the best possible condition. Skin is the largest organ in the body and we only get one of them. It pays to add a couple of quick steps to your skincare regimen. Take a walk down the men’s grooming products aisle and see what’s new in choices for the best face moisturizers for men. Real men moisturize!

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