Features To Look For In An Eyebrow Pencil

What should you look for in a new eyebrow pencil? Here's our guide. Learn how to pick the right eyebrow pencil to create a look you'll love.

Eyebrow Pencil Must-Have Features

Knowing how to take care of your brows can be a sign of good grooming and self-care. It shows people that you pay attention to parts of your face that could get noticed in public. It only makes sense, then, to invest in products that improve your eyebrows or maintain their existing good qualities. Eyebrow pencils come to mind when you think of such products, many of which are available on the market. The challenge then is to inspect their features so you can ascertain what goes into the ideal eyebrow pencil.

Multifunctionality: Using eyebrow pencils to shape and define

As expected in business, eyebrow pencils can come with distinguishing features for consumers to notice. In a guide by Good Housekeeping, one product called the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil has powder, wax, and pencil functions in one. This lets users define their eyebrows without needing other tools, making the said eyebrow pencil an investment that saves you money in the long run. Manufacturers make this possible by positioning a creamy point on one end and a spoolie brush on another, all capped to prevent smudging.

Easy Application: which eyebrow pencils work best for your look

Another product in the guide is High Definition Brow Define, an eyebrow pencil that's formulated with wax to make applications on the face easier. With this in place, you won't have to worry that much about applying the product on your eyebrows and failing. To help you further, an eyebrow pencil can have a slanted tip to ensure that the look you intend to draw for your brows doesn't go awry. It's also worth noting how certain eyebrow pencils which literally resemble school pencils come with a sharpener so the consumer can keep using it over time.

Shade Range: how to find the right color eyebrow pencil

As with makeup in general, the shade range is an important factor in eyebrow pencil products. The people of color that can be potential buyers shouldn't be made to feel left out by the brand, which would otherwise risk losing out on sales. On the other end, you might feel frustrated or insulted that a brand doesn't offer an eyebrow pencil that matches your skin tone. This makes shade range a must-have feature for eyebrow pencils. This explains why shade range exists on products like Benefit's Precisely, My Brow Eyebrow Pencil.

Portable Weight: what eyebrow pencil is best for your makeup bag?

The weight of the eye pencil can be an often-overlooked feature, but it can affect your day-to-day usage of the product. Ideally, an eyebrow pencil should weigh within 1 ounce, like Maybelline's Brow Precise Micro Eyebrow Pencil. With this, consumers can use the product without having to feel fatigued from its weight. Keeping the eyebrow pencil in such a weight also ensures its portability. With such a lightweight product, you can bring it with you in travel so that you're ready to do some touchups in case your eyebrows need some.

what Skin-Friendly Ingredients should you look for in eyebrow pencils?

Being gentle on the skin is also a feature to consider for eyebrow pencils. To this end, brands are expected to use skin-friendly ingredients or those that won't trigger allergies once you apply them on your face. Even though eyebrows comprise one area of the face, irritating them could lead to unpleasant-looking rashes or spots. Not only could this ruin your daily plans, but it might also inconvenience you with costs for treatment. Organic ingredients or those that use plant extracts are popular examples that can nourish the skin or brows without irritating them.

How to create a Long-Lasting Look with eyebrow pencils

Speaking of ingredients, you should also check if the eyebrow pencil can provide a long-lasting look. After all, you're paying for a product that beautifies your eyebrows for as long as it can. If you're someone who works in the entertainment or hospitality field, you'll be interacting with many people daily. Chances are, you won't have enough time to do touchups on your eyebrows every hour or so. This reinforces the need to use eyebrow pencils that can provide you that long-lasting look.

Features To Browse: What makes a great eyebrow pencil?

To sum it up, investing in the best eyebrow pencils brings you long-term benefits because you won't have to buy another one if you already have the best product in your hands. In browsing for the features that an eyebrow pencil should have, check if they can provide the following: a long-lasting look, skin-friendly ingredients, an easy-to-carry weight, a range of shades, easy application, and multifunctional parts. Once you have these features, your eyebrows are in good hands.

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