Features to Consider in Wireless Earbuds

Shopping for wireless earbuds? Here's some help. Keep in mind these features in wireless earbuds while you choose.

Look for these features while you're shopping for wireless earbuds

If you're an audiophile like me, you would be very inclined to check out the latest headphones and earphones every time a new lineup hits the market. The best of all of them would be if they are truly wireless, without the tangles of a string, we are free to use the earbuds however, and whenever we would like, all while being discreet. I have to admit, sometimes, I feel super fly like a secret agent in these barely noticeable devices.

There are heaps of wireless earbuds in the market; each one claiming has a longer battery life, lighter weight, good sound quality, the list goes on and on. It can be tough to figure out what suits you and your lifestyle, so the best way is to consider the features in the best wireless earbuds for your needs. An excellent product will enhance your listening experience for many years to come. Audiophiles or not, everyone loves a good tune and beat to their ears. Here's a concise list of features you need to consider in your new device.

Feather Light

The mini-size of the earbuds make them ultra-portable and lightweight. Some notable devices may have an antenna like receiver to pick up our sound for better communication, while others may come in the shape of a circle. Weight varies, and it's important to note them before purchasing.

Compact Comfort

Wearing the already tiny wireless earbuds for long hours can sometimes be irritating and strenuous to our ears, especially the ear canal. If the earbuds too heavy or don't sit right in your canal, your use with the buds and listening experience could be compromised. Some earbuds come with interchangeable silicone tips that fit snugly in your ear that increases your comfort level, while others are one-size-fits-all types. You need to consider which works for you best before committing.

Long Live the Battery

One thing that really bugs me is if I have to charge my devices regularly. Long battery life is vital when using wireless earbuds for your commute, in an open office, or just for the pleasure of taking time to yourself. Be sure to look out how long the battery holds, and it would be a bonus if the case it comes with acts as a power bank to recharge your device on the go.

Wireless Range

As wireless earbuds come close to the sound quality of wired earbuds, the ultimate test to the range of the Bluetooth signal can keep up between the distance of the source and the receiver. Good Bluetooth earbuds should produce a clear and crisps sound without any noticeable lag when in use, and you should be able to move freely around a room or even a small house without worrying about losing signal.

Porta Portability

These earbuds are so tiny; they require a case to hold them in place. God forbids if I lose the left earbud, I'll have to live with only the right earbud. It's pretty awesome that these come with a rechargeable case, so while we aren't using the buds, they automatically get more juice for the next use.

Trouble, Bass, What?

Good sound quality and range is ultimately the good trouble (treble I mean) we are looking for, right? High trebles and low powerful basses that don't compromise the quality of the speech or song are what stick my ears out for.

Silence The Surrounding Scene

The immersive sound that takes you to the place purely the way the artist intended it to be is how we should appreciate it! Noise-canceling earbuds are created to block out the endless external sound of the honking of busses, rumble of engines, and intermittent sirens. It magically transports us to another dimension where it's just us with music to our ears.

Rain or Sweat

If you are an active individual who workout frequently, a waterproof - IPX5 pair of wireless earbuds is your best bud-dy. A certified waterproof pair gives you the flexibility to train even harder while keeping your calls or music in your ears.

Bass Booster

A good variety of models have the bass booster effect where it enhances the bass — delivering beats that make your heartbeat to the rhythm of the music. If this feature is something you care about, look out for the bass booster wireless earbuds to get the most out of your tracks.

Speak Up on the Mic

Communication is nothing if it is not two way. As important as it is to listen to good sound on the wireless earbuds, reciprocating it with a good microphone pick up comes in handy when you're on a call. If you're planning to use it as a two-way device, testing the buds that offer mics to figure out if the calls made are clear and does fade in and out or has static.

Last but not least, the white elephant in the room would be the price. Some products can check off more in this list at a higher premium, however that should not hinder you from purchasing or testing them out, especially if you plan to take good care of your investment to extend their life. There's always a trade-off between the features in getting your favorite wireless earbuds; I hope these features guide your purchase!

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