Flooring Tips To Impress Your Guests

Need new floors? We've got you covered. Use our tips to pick the best tile or other options

From tile to hardwood, choose the right flooring for your home with these tips

Homeowners take pride in their property, what with the time, money, and effort invested in securing one. Due to this, inviting guests to a newly-designed house becomes an opportunity for owners to display the fruit of their investment. Doing this could go two ways, however, as you could either impress or disappoint your guests. As it turns out, there are factors to consider when making your home pleasant to look at. Owners would need to pick the right furniture, curtains, paint, or flooring for their premises. As a tip, Homes To Love says that you should work with the style of your home instead of going against it. For instance, the flooring you invest in, whether it's the best tile or a top rug option, should complement the look of the corridors, living room, or any area of the house that they would be put in. This guide will collate insight from several experts that will give you flooring tips to impress your guests.

Pick The Right Flooring For Your Lifestyle

Not everyone has the same lifestyle at home. For every young professional living solo, there could be a family of 5 living next door. Aspects like pets, children, and foot traffic should be taken into account so that the best type of flooring would get chosen. According to Freshome, wood flooring coupled with carpets or area rugs work better with homes that have minimal foot traffic— that is, not a lot of people walk around the household. For those with a full house lifestyle, resilient flooring would be more appropriate. Material options would be ceramic tiles, wood, or vinyl, as these can withstand heavy foot traffic day by day.

Add Protection To Your Floors

Over time, flooring with no added coat of protection would deteriorate in quality compared to others. This is the reason experts recommend adding polyurethane and similar coating to vulnerable floors, such as wooden ones. This becomes urgent in areas of the house that get frequently damp, as the moisture could affect wooden flooring. DIY Network explains that a solution to this would be opting for engineered hardwood flooring. This consists of thin fiberboard or plywood layers topped by a real wooden layer. Engineered hardwood is said to be extremely stable, affordable, and easy to install.

Opt For Eco-Friendly

It's also worth going for eco-friendly flooring, as this could serve as an opportunity to educate your family or your guests on the advocacy. Eco-friendly flooring is just as pleasant to look at as other variants. Recycled glass tiles, cork flooring, bamboo wood, exposed concrete, and stained concrete are such examples. The concrete types would pair well with industrial-type homes, while cork flooring would work best with owners looking for sound-absorbent floors. Just don't walk on them with high heels though.

Get Flooring That You Can Customize

Customizable flooring means it can be changed according to a style or preference you have in mind. Oak, mahogany, birch, maple, and other types of solid hardwood can be examples of such flooring. According to The Balance, solid hardwood can be sanded several times as needed, and it can be sold while unfinished so buyers could stain it with their preferred color. Take note that the latter process should be carefully thought-out; always test your stain to see if the look of the color satisfies you. On wooden flooring, test the stain in a corner or spot that won't be noticed. This way, you can easily cover it up if you decide on a different color.

Prep With The Pros

Some homeowners may treat this tip as an afterthought, but it's never a bad idea to get help from a professional. You might feel complacent in what you've done so far with the flooring, but professionals can do the process faster due to tools and knowledge that they've had in their career. They can point you to the materials you need to secure or the procedures to be done for flooring. Hiring a pro would be worth the cost, as it would ensure that the flooring got installed by a trained person.

Flooring Tips To Follow

In summary, homemakers can achieve the goals they have for their household flooring by following expert tips. Pick the right kind of flooring for your lifestyle at home, whether you're living on your own or with a big family. Coat your flooring with protection layers, and always go for eco-friendly material. If you ever customize it, don't hesitate to ask for help from professionals. Once you follow these, you should have impressive flooring in no time.

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