7 Ways to Get Rid of Under-Eye Wrinkles

Worried about wrinkles? We can help. Try these ways to rid your eyes of wrinkles

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These ideas will help you get rid of your eye wrinkles

Under-eye wrinkles — we all get them, and nobody wants them. Wrinkles age a person, and whether you’re investing in the best eye cream for wrinkles or trying out natural solutions, getting rid of under-eye wrinkles is a must for anybody that wants to look younger, healthier, and more fresh-faced.

If you’re dealing with under-eye wrinkles, here are seven ways that you can help smooth them out and achieve a wrinkle-free zone beneath your eyes.

What Causes Under-Eye Wrinkles?

Under-eye wrinkles can be caused by a number of things. Sun damage is a big one when it comes to skin damage, so be sure to apply sunscreen whenever venturing outside for the day.

Squinting and smiling can also lead to wrinkles near the eyes. Crow’s feet are often the result of these natural facial gestures.

Additionally, if you’re a smoker, you face a greater chance of having under-eye wrinkles. Surgery, injuries, and acne can also lead to under-eye wrinkles on some people.

1. Eye Cream for Under-Eye Wrinkles

Topical creams are a popular solution for getting rid of under-eye wrinkles. The way that most under-eye creams work is by acting as a moisturizer to rejuvenate the skin and protect it from further sun damage. Vitamin C is a popular ingredient because of its anti-aging properties and ability to promote collagen production. Vitamin C can also help even out the skin tone, giving the face a clearer complexion that helps lessen eye wrinkles and draws less attention to dark circles under the eyes.

2. Face Masks for Under-Eye Wrinkles

Another popular option for those with under-eye wrinkles are face masks. Certain face masks are made exclusively to deal with wrinkles and hydrate the skin, while many also have tightening properties to help get rid of crow’s feet and other eye-area wrinkles. If you’re interested in making your own face mask from scratch, egg white recipes are ideal for getting rid of under-eye wrinkles, as they contain both collagen and protein to help fill in wrinkles and improve your skin’s elasticity.

3. Oils for Under-Eye Wrinkles

Oils can work wonders for the skin, including wrinkles. Castor oil, specifically, is a great choice for dealing with under-eye wrinkles as it serves as a rich moisturizer and aids in creating soft and supple skin. To get the most benefits from castor oil, apply it beneath the eyes and let it sit overnight to moisturize the under-eye skin and keep that moisture sealed into the area while you sleep.

4. Massage for Under-Eye Wrinkles

If you have sensitive skin that doesn’t react well to product, massaging your under-eye area and temples can be an ideal solution for helping get rid of under-eye wrinkles. Massaging helps stimulate blood flow, which ultimately leads to the removal of dirt and free radicals from the skin. In removing this unwanted debris, the skin’s elasticity becomes greater and collagen is able to better produce itself.

5. Botox for Under-Eye Wrinkles

Despite the talk around it, botox is a simple procedure that consists of injections to help prevent the formation of wrinkles. When you have botox injections, botulinum toxins (don’t worry, they are inactive!) paralyze the muscles in your face. By having botox injected in the eye area, you can greatly reduce the amount of wrinkles you have in the future. Botox injections are usually conducted every year to for best results.

6. Laser Treatment for Under-Eye Wrinkles

Laser treatment is another option for those wanting to work with a dermatologist or physician on reducing under-eye wrinkles. Laser treatment works by helping to remove old, damaged tissue and replace it with new skin that is growing from the inside out. This process leaves the patient with new collagen and elastin to produce healthier-looking, wrinkle-free skin.

7. Cucumbers for Under-Eye Wrinkles

If you’ve ever been on a health spa, you’ve probably seen women with sliced cucumbers over their eyes. There’s actually a lot of validity to this technique! Cucumber is one of the best ways to help moisturize your skin, so by placing slices beneath your eyes, you help to treat existing wrinkles and prevent future wrinkles. Cucumber slices are a great option for those who are looking for a low-budget treatment that is hassle-free and all-natural.

Using some of these techniques into your anti-aging skincare regimen is sure to banish, or at least, minimize, wrinkles from your face.

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