What Happens to Your Skin If You Don't Moisturize?

Do you really need to moisturize? Yes! Avoid oily or overly dry skin, both, by using the right moisturizer for your complexion.

Is Moisturizer Really Necessary?

Moisturizing is an essential element of basic skincare. It has numerous benefits, from preventing dryness to giving your skin a bright, youthful appearance. Some of the best moisturizers even have built-in SPF to keep your skin protected from sun damage and reduce the risk of skin cancer. When you regularly apply the best moisturizer, you can also shield your skin from acne and other imperfections.

But what happens when you skip your moisturizing routine? Because there are so many benefits of using moisturizer, skipping it can harm your skin in a number of ways. Being aware of the downsides of not using moisturizer can help you stay consistent and be proactive in maintaining healthy skin. Here are some of the dangers of not moisturizing your skin regularly.

Your Skin Becomes Dried Out

While it may seem obvious, this is one of the first negative effects you’ll notice after not moisturizing for a while. The reason this happens is twofold. First of all, as its name suggests, moisturizer provides your skin with the moisture it needs to stay fresh and balanced. However, its job does not end there. Your favorite moisturizing product also takes any existing water in your skin and locks it in place to keep your skin healthy and protected. Therefore, skipping the moisturizer deprives your skin of two essential sources of moisture.

Your Complexion Looks Dull

Dry skin isn’t the only consequence of not using any moisturizing products. As soon as your skin starts losing moisture, you will start to notice other damaging effects. A major telltale sign of skin that isn’t properly moisturized is a dull and flaky appearance. The dullness occurs because your skin starts losing lipids when it becomes dehydrated. Lipids protect the outer layer of your skin, so losing them can result in serious damage. If the problem persists, it may also lead to redness and flaking. These effects become more pronounced if you have naturally dry skin, so be sure to make moisturizing a priority if you have this skin type.

Wrinkles May Start To Form

If you don’t moisturize, you may also notice that wrinkles have started to develop on your skin. This is due to the fact that low levels of chronic inflammation start to take place as a result of your skin drying out. This inflammation can lead to other issues, such as a breakdown of collagen. When collagen continues to break down, it eventually speeds up the aging process and causes wrinkles to form as a result. According to a study conducted by the University of Maryland Medical Center, certain types of moisturizer can smooth out wrinkles. This demonstrates the adverse effects of not using moisturizer on a regular basis.

You Experience Irritation

Constantly having dry, flaky skin is not a comfortable situation to be in. If you continue to avoid using moisturizer, you will begin to experience irritation and itchiness. The drier your skin becomes, the more it will bother you. This consequence is particularly harmful for people who have a naturally dry complexion. If you already struggle with dry skin, you will notice even more irritating effects after not moisturizing. This persistent itchiness may also lead to redness later on.

Your Makeup Looks Less Polished

In addition to hydrating your skin and helping it stay healthy, moisturizer acts as a primer for your makeup. When your skin has enough moisture before you apply makeup, it enhances the look of the beauty products you use. Hydrated skin absorbs foundation properly and helps it stay put for a longer time. If you want to maximize the effects of your makeup, be sure to moisturize your skin on a regular basis.

Don’t Skip The Moisturizer

Moisturizer does plenty of good for your skin, and not incorporating it into your daily skincare routine can end up causing various types of damage. Applying moisturizer to your skin doesn’t take a lot of time, but this small step has significant effects on your skin health. Whether you’re struggling with acne and need a reliable solution or simply wish to maintain a healthy complexion, moisturizer can help you achieve your goals. Be sure to look for the product that is appropriate for your skin type in order to have optimal results. Adding a trusted moisturizer to your skincare collection can benefit your skin in more ways than you think.

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