How to Help Turkey Neck Without Surgery

How can you make your neck smoother and tighter again? Try a cream. The best neck creams out there can give you results you'll absolutely love.

Fixing Turkey Neck Without Cosmetic Enhancement

We all love a good turkey. Our Thanksgiving table wouldn’t be the same without it. It’s the most popular deli lunch meat. And even off the table, the little creatures with the neck wattle are cute and entertaining to watch. But—no one wants to look like one. Thank goodness for some of the best neck creams out there (more on that below...).

Out of all the cosmetic problems associated with aging, a wrinkled sagging, “turkey neck,” is probably the most difficult to correct or repair. No matter how well we take care of ourselves, a wrinkly neck will always give away our age.

Is there a way to correct turkey neck without surgery?

What Causes Turkey Neck, and Can Even the Best Neck Cream Really Help?

One reason our neck is one of the first body parts to really show our age, is flaccid muscles. Unlike arms, legs, trunk, and even hands, the neck gets very little exercise, even for those who work out. Some studies have shown a worsening of this effect in today’s world due to our propensity for constantly looking downward, at our phones and computer keyboards. Also, the skin on the neck is thinner and has less oil glands than that of our face. The reserves of plumping fat contained in our face is generally absent in our neck. All of those factors combine to make our neck frequently the first area of the body to succumb to gravity, wrinkling, and crepiness—Otherwise known as turkey neck.

The best neck cream ingredients include such moisture-retaining properties as hyaluronic acid, to help draw moisture into the skin and keep it there. Some contain N-acetyl glucosamine, which can smooth and firm the skin on the neck. Neck creams are an important first step in preventing or repairing a sagging, wrinkly neck by giving the fragile skin of our neck area the important hydration it needs.

Facial Exercises for Firming the Neck

Since the neck gets very little exercise during our daily routine, you can correct this by performing a few simple exercises for your neck every day.

  • The Chew: Sit straight in a chair and tip your chin toward the ceiling. Make chewing motions with your jaw while keeping your lips closed. Repeat twenty times.
  • The Kiss: Sit straight in a chair and tilt your chin toward the ceiling. Make kissing motions with your mouth. Repeat twenty times.
  • Neck-ups: Lay on the side of your bed with your head hanging upside down over the edge. Slowly use your neck muscles to lift your head and repeat five times.
  • Neck Pull: While looking up at the ceiling, gently press your fingers against the skin at one side of your collarbone. Jut your lower jaw and lip toward the ceiling. You should feel the skin pulling. Repeat five times, and then repeat the process with the other side.

While neck creams and moisturizers can help improve the skin on your neck, even the best neck cream can’t tighten the muscles. These exercises can help to firm muscles that tend to be neglected during our daily life and even workout routines.

Let it Roll!

Facial rollers are designed to firm up facial muscles and they also work on your neck. Using one of these rollers, which resembles a small paint roller, can help to firm muscles and aid lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness.

Beauty Rest with Neck Cream: steps to prevent neck wrinkling at night

A good night’s sleep is incredibly beneficial for our bodies in many ways, and it can actually benefit our neck as well! Besides letting our skin cells rest and rejuvenate, sleeping with a thin layer of one of the best neck creams available today can help aid in the critical hydration of this sensitive area. Be sure to sleep on only one pillow to keep your head at an optimal level for extending your neck. Sleeping on a high stack of pillows bends the face forward and can lead to premature wrinkling of the skin of our neck.

Shun the Sun: UV Rays Cause Wrinkles

One of the most important ways you can protect the skin on your neck is to apply a daily SPF protection sunscreen. The damaging UV rays of the sun can cause premature aging, and it’s an area that often gets forgotten when we are young and haphazardly slapping on the sunscreen at the beach.

While all of these treatments can help to prevent and minimize a turkey neck, age and gravity will always work against us. If the appearance of your neck really bothers you, speak to a doctor about the possibility of corrective surgery.

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