How to Hide Dark Circles Using Only a Concealer

Late night? We can help. Use our tips to hide dark circles with a concealer

Our tips can help you hide your dark circles with a concealer

I once read somewhere that using a concealer can be as effective as a double shot of espresso. And, it is most certainly not an exaggeration.

This statement especially holds true in the case of dark circles. Dark circles can be caused by a direct result of extra stress, lack of proper sleep or just genetics.

A concealer is one magic product that can help you camouflage your skin imperfections like dark circles by color-correcting it in the most effective and smoothest way possible.

In this article, we have made a list of a few tips and tricks that you could use to hide your dark circles using only concealer.

Understanding the Art of Color-Correcting

Color-correcting your dark circles using different concealer shades is the most powerful way to hide them. Understanding your undertone is also extremely essential here.

Using warmer tones such as orange, and yellow can help to correct any dark circle discoloration that is either blue-tinged or purplish. On the other hand, you can opt for salmon or peach concealer shades if you have dark circles that are more brownish in color.

It should be noted that a regular concealer is different from a color-correcting concealer.

Replacing the ‘Rub‘ with the ‘Pat’

Many of us make the error of rubbing the concealer in using a brush or a beauty blender under our eyes. The rubbing technique decreases the coverage which, in turn, makes our dark circles still visible.

But, using a patting technique for your concealer application can give you the fullest possible coverage without sheering out the product.

Embrace the Triangle Concealer Application Trick

Applying the concealer directly under your eye area in the form of a triangle is way more effective in hiding the dark circles in comparison to directly swiping or dotting the product.

Not only will this help to brighten your eye area, but it will also give you fuller coverage and an illusion of you getting a facelift. You will need to blend the product properly with the help of a beauty blender or a concealer brush for good results, though.

Knowing the Correct Concealer Formula for Your Skin Type

There are currently a variety of concealer formulas available in the market. Some of these include cream-based concealers, stick concealer, and liquid concealers.

If you have dry or combination skin, using a cream concealer would be best for you. Whereas, stick concealers work best for dry and sensitive skin types. As for liquid concealers, they’re suitable for most skin types and also easier to apply. Skin types play an important role to make your concealer more lasting.

There are also different concealer finishes that you need to be aware of, namely dewy, matte, and satin finish. I would personally recommend opting for the matte finish concealer as it lasts for a longer time in comparison to others.

Gradually Building Concealer Coverage for Dark Circles

It is better to use smaller amounts of product and gradually build it up instead of using too much product initially and then wiping off the excess.

This will give you an understanding of how much product you actually need to hide your dark circles effectively.

Switching Sheer Coverage Concealers for Opaque Coverage

For hiding stubborn dark circles, you need a concealer product that has heavy coverage. Using a sheer coverage concealer may still make the dark circles evident but an opaque formula will help hide them almost completely.

Knowing Which Part of Your Under-Eye Area to Cover

You do not need to cover your entire under-eye area to hide dark circles. Only the areas that are discolored or dark require concealer application. It’s advisable to apply the concealer starting from the inner corner of the eye and then moving outward. Also, don’t get too close to your lash line to avoid harsh concealer lines.

By using the tricks and tips listed above, you'll be able to hide your dark circles to the point of complete invisibility. Of course, you'll need a little practice to perfect this but the results will be evident from the first attempt. Before you actually buy a concealer, you should test the product's efficiency by applying them under your eyes. Only when it successfully hides your dark circles, should you go ahead and place your order for the concealer.

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