The History of the French Door Fridge

What's the history behind the popular French door fridge? We did the research. Read how, when, and why refrigerators got better and more stylish.

French Door Refrigerators: The History of Two-Door Fridges

Before the emergence of the current sleek-looking fridges that are loaded with incredible features, people used to bury their food in snow so that it could last a few more days. Initially, fridges were simple boxes for storing ice. But around the year 1915, the simple iceboxes were replaced by mechanical refrigerators with in-built cooling systems. These units have continued to evolve, with more sophisticated brands and models being created to satisfy the ever-growing market.

One of the latest designs is the French door refrigerator. It comes with some unique features, including the two side-by-side doors on top and a pull-out freezer drawer on the bottom. On the face of it, the French door fridge appears like it has been around for many years, but in reality, it is fairly new since it only became popular in 2005. Originally, this type of fridge was developed in the late 1990s. It was called the French door because its side-by-side door design resembles the conspicuous French doors. But this does not imply that the French door fridges are the only ones with side-by-side doors.

Other side-by-side refrigerators existed way before the invention of the French door design. But the main difference between the two is that the French door style comes with a freezer drawer on the bottom while the customary side-by-side fridges have two full doors, with a freezer on one side and a fridge on the other. French door fridges also do share some similarities with the French armoires, which have two doors up top and one or two drawers beneath. It is still not clear exactly when and who coined the name French Door. These refrigerators are now among the most popular fridges around the world. Each year, new models with more advanced features and functionalities are being released to the market.

But what makes French door refrigerators more popular than the rest? Certainly, this type of fridge has a number of advantages over the others.

How the French Door Fridge Saves Space

Compared to the traditional full-width door fridge, a French door refrigerator consumes less space in the kitchen, thus leaving enough space for the installation of other important appliances. Furthermore, its narrow side-by-side doors do not swing as far into the kitchen as the customary full-width doors. Therefore, it is a great choice for people with small or crowded kitchens. In fact, it makes the kitchen look bigger and neat.

How French Door Refrigerators Are More Convenient

The pull-out freezer has greatly transformed the way people use their fridges at home as it makes it convenient for them to access items on the bottom of the fridge without having to bend over. The drawer is also high enough to make it easy for you to reach in and pick whatever you want from the freezer. And since the freezer is on the bottom and the fridge up top, you can conveniently store items that are not used frequently in the freezer and the regularly used items in the fridge where they are always within reach.

What Are The Benefits of Adaptable Storage?

Fridges with swinging door freezers are not the best choice for storing large boxes because they tend to fall over. But a French door fridge gives you a variety of storage options because the pull-out freezer drawer keeps the items intact. Also, this refrigerator allows you to easily fit a box of pizza in because you only have to use half the width of the fridge. Moreover, the interior part of this unit is one, large, connected space even though it has two side-by-side doors. This allows you to store large items like vegetable boxes without a glitch.

Despite its limitless storage options and premium features, the French door refrigerator has its problems - just like any other type of fridge. However, the main drawback of this unit is its price. As indicated earlier, French door fridges are premium units, and therefore their numerous advantages come at an extra cost. Consequently, these fridges may not be the easiest refrigeration choice for homeowners with constrained budgets.

In this fast-paced world where people have little time to prepare fresh meals all the time, a reliable food storage unit is indispensable. And so, when you are looking for a fridge, you have to choose one that offers you the necessary storage convenience, flexibility, and space. While a French door fridge might cost you a few extra bucks to purchase, it is an ideal option for your refrigeration needs, especially if you have a small kitchen.

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