How to Make a Home Massage Feel Like a Luxury Spa Experience

These tricks will help you turn your next massage into a true spa experience

Treat Yourself: Here's how to make an massage at home feel like you're at a spa

You don’t have to go to a luxury spa to enjoy a massage. Home massages are quickly becoming an affordable, practical way to enjoy the benefits of massage without the high-cost fees of going to a spa. If you’re planning an at-home massage but still want to feel like you’re enjoying a luxury spa experience, here are some ways that you can prepare your house or apartment.

Make Use of Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used in a myriad of ways, and if you’re planning a home massage, they can certainly up the quality of your experience. In addition to being added to massage oil, which you can ask your massage therapist more about, essential oils can also be used in diffusers to create a calming, beautifully-scented environment for your massage.

Determine which essential oil scent will most benefit you and then get to diffusing. On top of enjoying the massage itself, you’ll also get to enjoy the benefits that come along with inhaling essential oils. Good sleep promotion, improved respiratory health, odor elimination, mood elevation, reduced stress and anxiety, increased energy, and boosted immune system are just a handful of the benefits that you can get from diffusing essential oils. And you'll get the same scent benefits from those oils if they're included in the massage oil your therapist uses to glide over your body.

Set a Relaxing Mood

A huge portion of the joy that comes with going to a luxury spa has to do with the mood that exists in the space. You can easily replicate this mood in your own home by dimming your lights and filling your massage room with candles until you get the proper lighting environment.

In addition to creating a soothing space via lighting, you can also set up a speaker system to play calming music or sounds. Nature sounds are common in luxury spas, including running waterfalls, ocean waves, and early morning bird chirping.

Other great options for setting a relaxing mood are incense holders, room mists, and Himalayan salt lamps. Adding some lush greenery to the space can also help add some freshness and liven the room up a bit.

The beauty of setting up your home to feel like a luxury spa is that you get to choose what specifications are most appealing to you. If candles aren’t your scene, then ditch them. If you’re all about classical music, then set up a playlist of your favorite songs to start once the massage begins.

Invest in Soft Sheets and Towels

When you get a massage, your massage therapist is going to wrap you up in either a sheet or towel during the process. Because the parts of your body that aren’t getting massaged are left wrapped in these fabrics, why wouldn't you want to make them as luxurious as possible?

Spend some time shopping for soft sheets and towels that you can use during your home massage. Additionally, your therapist may have some suggestions, so don’t hesitate to ask what he or she thinks might be most comfortable.

To top things off, purchasing a fluffy robe to wear post-massage can also make your home feel like a luxury spa. Top it off with some cozy slippers and you’ll be in bliss.

Pick Up Some Extra Goodies

After your home massage, you can keep the luxury spa treatment going by making use of other relaxation and body care products. Facial masks are a fantastic way to soothe the skin after a massage, and if you’re still craving a bit of special attention on your feet, you can purchase a foot massage machine to work its magic.

Finally, by stocking your fridge with healthy beverages and snacks, your home will run the gamut of a luxury spa experience. Coconut water, sliced cucumbers, and lemon-infused water are some simple items that you can have prepared in your fridge and ready-to-take for a refreshing, post-massage cooldown.

Made for Every Budget

No matter what your budget is, there are ways to liven up your home so that it has the feel of a luxury spa. Whether it’s picking up some incense or purchasing a diffuser that you can use with essential oils, investing in smaller pieces over time will add up in the long run, and before you know it, you’ll have a luxury space that perfectly compliments your home massage.

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