Tips for Applying Eyeliner If You Wear Glasses

How can you use eyeliner to enhance your eyes if you wear glasses? We'll explain. Learn how to best use eye makeup to make your eyes stand out.

Eyeliner With Glasses: How to Best Use Eye Makeup

Glasses are important medical devices, but they can also be cute and trendy. Wearing makeup with your glasses can create an amazing look for a casual day or a night out. Achieving the perfect look, however, can prove somewhat challenging.  For some individuals, taking off their glasses isn’t really a big deal, others, however, will see very poorly without spectacles and contact lenses. When it comes to applying makeup, precision is important, which is why it really helps to be able to see what you are are doing. Here are a few tips for applying eyeliner, and other makeup, if you need visual correction.

Invest in Magnifying Mirrors to apply eyeliner with glasses

Magnifying mirrors are often just a little more expensive than their standard counterparts. If your eyes need a bit of help, however, a magnifier can be an ideal way to get a better view without having to awkwardly move your glasses out of the way. Simply remove your glasses, use the larger image from the magnifier as a guide, slip your glasses back on, and you should be good to go. Magnifiers will work better for some than others, so it's important to try the magnifier, or at least a magnifier with similar power before you buy.

Give Yourself Plenty of Light to apply makeup if you wear glasses

Good lighting is important for applying makeup but if your eyesight isn’t great, lighting becomes critical. Give yourself as much lighting as possible wherever you apply your eyeliner — especially if you wear reading glasses. The same also applies when you remove your eyeliner at night because you don’t want the extra liner to clog your pores and smudge your pillow. The extra light will help you ensure that your eyeliner goes on accurately and, coupled with a magnifier, can make the experience much easier for new eyeliner users.

Take Your Time applying makeup if you wear glasses

This applies to choosing your makeup as well as to the actual process. Depending on the type of glasses you wear, personal style and frame type you can achieve a variety of different looks. Before you start, take a moment to figure out the end result.

Once you're ready to begin you may need to go very slowly and give yourself plenty of time for errors, while you are learning to apply your eyeliner. Over time, the process will become a bit easier. At first, however, it’s important to have plenty of patience. Go a bit starting at the outer corner of your eye and slip on your glasses to check.

If you are in a rush and mess up, you may be able to mute the disparity in eyeliner by dabbing a bit of eyeshadow over the place where you have too much. This technique avoids adding more eyeliner until your winged lines have become raccoon eyes- a common problem even if you don't wear glasses.

If You Are Planning to Wear Contacts, put then in before applying eyeliner

You should put in your contacts before you do your makeup, and especially before you do your eyeliner. Not only will the improved vision that contacts provide the help you need with your eyeliner application but putting your contacts in later is also messy. Because contact lenses are wet, adding a contact lens after you are finished with makeup can cause your makeup to smear and even smudge the contact lens — which produces more hassle. If you wear contact lenses for distance and glasses for reading, you may want to put in your contacts and invest in a magnifier to complete your makeup.

Talk To Your Optometrist about your health and beauty needs

Unfortunately, not all ocular conditions can be fixed completely with glasses. If you have a problem with your eyes that can’t fully be remedied by glasses and having your eyeliner on point is a priority, talk to your optometrist about potential recommendations. A branch of optometry does deal with individuals who have permanently decreased vision that isn’t correctable with glasses or decreased field of view. If you tell your optometrist that makeup application is important, your optometrist will work with you and give you tools that help ensure that you can continue to look your best even if there is something happening with your vision.

While it takes a bit more effort, applying eyeliner even if you do wear glasses can be worth the satisfaction of knowing that you look amazing.

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