How Your Diet Can Impact Your Acne

Breaking out? We can help. Learn what effect your diet might have on acne breakouts

What you eat can have a big impact on your acne

We’ve all been there, staring into the mirror for what seems like hours at an unsightly pimple. Acne can be a demoralizing element, especially because it impacts our self-confidence. To have beautiful clear skin is something that most people yearn for, and diet can have a lot to do with it. Have you ever noticed that the food that you eat has an impact on your skin? Acne is one of those things that affects millions of people, and food is a major contributor. Cutting back on a poor diet can increase your chances of eliminating acne.

Changing your diet to impact your acne condition positively is important. Some foods will negatively impact your skin, and limiting these foods will remedy the problem. Acne is something that can be a challenge to fight, and diet is one of the contributing causes of acne. The fight against pimples and breakouts is something that we all continue to go through, but just as effectively as a really good acne treatment, subtle changes in what you eat can make a difference.

What is a complexion-friendly diet going to consist of? Well, one of the main items is going to be fruits and vegetables. In addition to eating more foods that prevent pimples, you’ll also want to eat more foods that are beneficial to healthier skin. Diet is one of the most important factors in maintaining healthier skin and nails, and we are going to go over the most beneficial pieces of an acne diet.

Sugars And Refined Grains

Of course when you think of clogged pores and lackluster skin health you’ll think of refined food as the culprit. Studies have shown that sugars and refined grains are among the major causes of acne in people who consume these food groups. These food groups tend to boost your insulin and blood sugar, which can lead to increased hormone production. Refined grains that can contribute to acne include white pasta and bread, so next time you think of dinner try choosing a wheat-based pasta instead.

Insulin is something that increases your androgen hormones. Thus, avoiding a diet rich in these two things will help slow the production of skin cells. The thing that we are trying to avoid are the pores getting packed with oil and grime, and thus slowing down on a diet that will clog these pores is an essential thing to do. That's not to say that you can’t have a plate of pasta every once in a while, but you want to scale it back.

Dairy Products

Remember the last time that you had cookies and a cold glass of milk? Well, if you are trying to prevent your acne from recurring, dairy is another product that you want to avoid. Milk, in general, is something that has been shown to boost insulin levels, and that's not the only piece of dairy that’s going to mess up your skin. Studies have shown that teenagers who consumed milk or ice cream daily were far more likely to have acne. There are acne alternatives that you can eat and drink, and many of them boast the same health benefits.

Perhaps instead of a glass of milk, you can drink a glass of soy milk instead, and vice versa. Almond milk is another great alternative to dairy-based milk, and almond-based milk is also very beneficial to your skin health. Soy-based products have been shown to reduce hormones dramatically, which is why soy is a great alternative to dairy-based products. In terms of a cheese-based product, goat cheese is a great alternative to cow's milk, and the flavor isn’t that bad either.

Fast Food

If you are downing a large fast food meal every day you are going to notice a difference in your skin. Diets rich in carbohydrates and high calories have been shown to dramatically decrease the health of your skin, and if you want to enjoy clear complexion a cheeseburger is not going to help. Studies have shown that the traditional Western diet will increase your risk of acne dramatically, and the main culprit is greasy fried foods such as hamburgers and chicken.

That’s not to say that you can’t have a cheeseburger now and then, but it's better to go for a freshly prepared offering. Try to increase your consumption of lean meat, avoiding heavy fats altogether. Maybe instead of french fries try a salad with your fresh burger, or cut the dairy and fried foods out altogether to benefit your skin complexion.

Cleansing Your Body Will Help Your Skin

Changing your diet is something that can dramatically increase your skin health, along with investing in a good face wash and possibly some acne-fighting face masks. Eating a better diet will help you feel a lot better in the long run, both emotionally and physically. Clear skin is a major confidence booster, and improving your diet will benefit your body in other ways as well such as increasing your energy and longevity.

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