How to Make Concealer Last all Day

How do you get your concealer to last all day? Here's how to avoid touch-ups. Choose the right concealer and techniques for your skin and lifestyle.

Making Concealer Last for a Flawless Look All Day

Concealer is our go-to cosmetic for a multitude of issues, from blemishes to under-eye circles, freckles and age spots. With or without foundation, concealer covers up imperfections and allows us to show our very best face to the world with confidence. But what happens when we leave home in the morning with our face the picture of perfection, and then notice halfway through the busy day that the concealer has either worn off or worse, has settled into creases under our eyes so it actually has made us look worse instead of better? What can be done to keep concealer in place and help it to last all day?

Why use Primer First before concealer

Just like when painting, your results will last much longer if you begin with a primer. Using a makeup primer gets your skin ready to hold onto whatever further products you apply. If you’ve been skipping this step in the interest of having fewer layers, that’s a mistake that leads to losing your concealer part way through your day. Layers make anything last longer, including makeup. If you don’t want to use an all-over face primer you can use a dab of eyeshadow primer or highlighter in your under-eye area before adding your concealer.

Why to Apply Concealer After Foundation

If you wear foundation, don’t make the mistake of putting it on over concealer. At points in the past, this was sometimes recommended as a way to balance out skin tone before applying an all-over base coat of foundation. However, according to makeup artists, it’s undeniably better to apply concealer on top of your foundation. Using foundation first helps to cover dark circles and then placing a concealer on top lightens, brightens, and seals in color to last all day. You will use less concealer this way and it won’t be rubbed away while attempting to apply foundation over it.

Concealer: why Less is more

You may think that applying concealer lavishly will better cover up under-eye circles and bags. However, plastering on the layers of concealer will inevitably cause your concealer to cake, crack and crease under eyes. Instead, start with a small amount and build up if needed. Apply using your ring finger and lightly dab until blended. If you prefer to use a makeup applicator, a good tip is to use a dampened sponge applicator and blend the concealer outward. A pro tip is to then dab with a tiny bit of lip balm to prevent concealer from drying and creasing.

how to Shape Your Concealer

Instead of just dabbing concealer over the dark creases, try applying concealer in a triangular shape from the side of the nose outward across the upper cheekbone to cover your entire under-eye area. This will provide a brightening appearance for the entire area. Then top with a light powder for all-day wear.

Seal the Deal: How to set concealer for all-day wear

After your concealer is in place, you can consider using a blotting paper and gently blotting. This removes excess moisture, provides a natural-looking finish, and helps to set and seal your concealer.

An excellent way to help keep concealer in place all day is to set it with an oil-absorbing powder. To apply without smudging your carefully applied concealer, dip a brush in translucent setting powder and then just lightly tap the brush over your concealer. If you have more mature skin with fine lines, try a setting spray rather than powder which can settle into fine lines and emphasize them.

Don’t Touch! How to avoid smudging and rubbing off concealer

You probably don’t realize how often you touch, scratch and rub your eyes and face throughout the day. This is a huge reason that makeup, even the most expertly applied concealer, doesn’t stay-put despite setting powders and sprays. Try not to touch your face at all until after you’ve washed your makeup off for the night, but if you have to touch your face with a napkin or handkerchief, just gently blot rather than rub.

Touch-up Tips: How to fix your concealer

If you still feel you need a midday touch-up always use a liquid concealer, even if you typically use a stick concealer in your morning makeup routine. A little liquid concealer will more easily blend with layers beneath. Using a thicker concealer may result in caking due to the powder you’ve applied.

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