How to Stack False Eyelashes

How do you stack false eyelashes? Here's all you need to know. Get that lovely layered look and bring attention to your eyes, big time!

Layering False Eyelashes: A How-To Guide

Want to look glam without even trying? False eyelashes are the answer.

Master putting extra lashes on and you can add length and volume to your natural lashes in minutes. If you want to go further and more extreme than that, you’ll want to stack them.

What Are Double-Stacked Lashes?

Stacking or double-stacking traces its origins to stage makeup and involves wearing two sets of false eyelashes at the same time. Like the cut-creasing, it is a styling technique meant to exaggerate normal features of the face. Stacked lashes aren’t meant to look real.

Why Should You Try Stacking False Eyelashes?

Overemphasizing a facial feature adds drama and impact to your overall look. Double-stacking falsies is for people that are not afraid to stand out and be the center of attention.

Go from Baseline to Glam Time in Minutes

Try this technique if you want to amp up your usual look, but don’t always have the time to put on a full face of makeup.

Let’s be honest: Applying false eyelashes can be difficult the first few times you do it, but with practice comes efficiency. You can get to a point where you can pop on double-stacked lashes five or ten minutes before you head out.

Stacked falsies can be a time-saver even when you’re not in a rush. A dramatic pair of eyelashes can carry an entire look. With falsies on, you can tone down your eyeshadow game, using nude or neutral shades instead of matching your eye makeup color to your outfit.

how to Create Your Own Custom Falsies

Why stack two pairs instead of just buying one pair of thick false eyelashes?

In general, a single pair of thick lashes will still be thinner than a stack of two regular falsies.When you double-stack you also get to mix, match and create custom lashes that no one else will have.

Suggestions to start you off: Use a natural-length, criss-crossed pair of full falsies as a base. If you want to accentuate your usual cat-eye or winged liner, stack on a second pair of false lashes that are fuller and longer on the outer edges. If you have small eyes for your face, stack on falsies that are fuller and longer along the middle, instead.

You can play it safe in the beginning by using two pairs of affordable false eyelashes. But once you’re comfortable with double-stacking, you may want to be more adventurous.

How Do You Stack Pairs of False Eyelashes?

If you already know how to apply falsies over your real lashes, congratulations! Putting on double-stacked lashes isn’t any harder than applying a single pair.

There are two popular methods you can try, but the most important thing is to apply the falsies as close as possible to your actual lash line. The closer they are, the less time you will need to finish them with liner. If you’re using clear adhesive and there’s no discernable gap between the lashes, you may not even need eyeliner at all.

Before Stacking: Measure and Cut Your Falsies

All pairs of false eyelashes should be measured meticulously and cut to sit perfectly on top of your lash lines.

Match the lengths of the two pairs of falsies. If they’re different sizes, have the outside edges of the lashes meet. Make sure that you’re stacking the left ones and the right ones with each other, and in the same order.

Press the bands of one set together and hold them tightly stacked. Bring the layered set of falsies up to the corresponding eye and rest against your lash line. Compare the length of the false eyelashes to where they will be adhered. If you need to trim, cut from the outer edge.

First Method: Stack and Glue Together Before Applying

This is a good option if you plan on keeping the false lashes stacked after your first use.

Line up the lash bands and use adhesive to turn your two pairs of falsies into a single pair of very thick custom false eyelashes. Wait until the lash glue is dry and the stacked lashes can be handled easily without them coming apart.

Apply stacked lashes the way you would regular falsies. Because the resulting bands are thicker, they may be harder to bend and work with. Use more adhesive on the ends of the lashes and wait for the glue to get tacky before setting them on your lash line.

Firmly press down to ensure the entire length is attached to your skin. Spend extra time doing this to the corners of your lash line. You can use tweezers or your fingers.

Second Method: Apply the Falsies One at a Time

This is great for unplanned double-stacking moments. If you’ve put on a regular pair of false eyelashes and feel that you still need more oomph, you can double up immediately.

The difficulty here is in lining up the second pair of false lashes with the first one that you’ve already applied. If it’s your first time, you may want to wait until the first pair has stuck on completely, with the adhesive 100 percent dry.

Bonus False Lash Layering Tips

Layer different styles of falsies so the shortest lashes are at the bottom, to maximize the dimension and shape of the final stack.

Keep the trimmed off excess lash ends from when you measure and cut new falsies. You can use them to stack further and create unique lash shapes.

Finally: You can layer more than two sets of false eyelashes at once.

Now go forth, and stack!

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