How to Apply Lip Stain

New to lip stains? We can help. Here's how to apply lip stain the right way

What you need to know about applying lip stain

When it comes to long-lasting color, lip stain is the way to go. Lip stains have staying power, often lasting up to all day long with no smudging. However, when it comes to ensuring your lip stain won’t disappear after a few hours wear, you want to be sure you’re applying it correctly.

Once you’ve found the best lip stain for your lips, follow these simple steps to achieve the perfect look, whether it's a traditional look or the newly popular blurred lip effect. Here is some of the best advice for how to apply lip stain that will stay in place all day long.

Exfoliate and Moisturize Your Lips

Lip stains often contain alcohol, which can make their formulas quite drying. That being said, you have to work quickly when you’re applying lip stain, as you want the lip color to dry evenly on your lips. To help prepare your lips for a smooth and easy lip stain application, always take a moment to exfoliate them before applying lip stain.

One easy way to do this is by taking a wet washcloth and gently rubbing it against your lips. You can also use brown sugar or an old toothbrush to help rub away dead and dry skin. Be sure to regularly exfoliate your lips if lip stains are one of your go-to makeup products. Because of lip stain’s dryness factor, the smoother and more hydrated your lips are, the better.

Always follow up your exfoliation treatment with a moisturizing agent if you can. Lip balms or chapsticks work great to help restore moisture to the lips, as well as serve as a wonderful starting base for beneath your lip stain.

Apply Lip Primer

If you’re curious how to use lip primer, you may be surprised to learn that it’s not all that difficult. Lip primer works quite similarly to lipstick or lip balm. Simply apply a thin coat to your lips before applying lip color to help keep your lip stain in place for hours at a time.

When wearing lip stain, apply a thin layer of lip balm first, followed by a thin layer of lip primer to prepare your lips for the final color.

Draw in Lip Liner

While this step is optional, applying lip liner before your lip stain can make a world of difference in how full your lips look. If you do choose to use lip liner, choose a color that is similar or one shade darker than the lip color you’re using. Draw a thin line around your lips’ borders, slightly thickening it at your lips’ center.

Always Layer When Applying Lip Stain

Lip stain, though it may appear thin and transparent, actually packs quite a bit of punch. For this reason, you should never glob it on and hope for the best. Rather, if you want a darker and bolder lip look than just one coat will allow you, apply the stain in layers.

You want to be sure to allow each layer to fully dry before applying the next layer. You also want to start at the center of the lip and work your way outwards.

Add a Top Coat of Gloss

If the final lip stain look is still too dry for your liking, adding a top coat of lip gloss can be a great way to soften your lips’ appearance and add some moisture to your lips.

When applying lip gloss, go for a clear coat or a color that is similar to your lip stain color. Always apply gloss starting at the center of your lips and working your way outwards. If you want to add a little extra gloss to your lips’ center, that can help create a natural reflection that makes your lips appear fuller.

Removing Your Lip Stain

Oil-based makeup removers work well in removing lip stain, but there are a couple other options as well if you’re looking for something a little bit gentler on the skin. Vaseline is a great option for removing lip stain while also providing the lips with hydration. Additionally, you can use brown sugar and honey to help remove your lip stain layers while also exfoliating the lips, which might come in handy considering that lip stain often dries out the skin. If you find that you’re having a particularly tough time removing your lip stain, try using a toothbrush to scrub in small circles around your lips. This process should help remove dried patches of color from your lips.Resources— Stylecaster, Love to Know, Bustle