How to Choose the Best Eyebrow Pencil

What's the best eyebrow pencil for your look? Here's how to choose. Pick a pencil that creates the brows you've always wanted.

Choosing the Best Eyebrow Pencil for You

If you haven’t been blessed with naturally shaped, thick eyebrows, never fear — there are ways to create the illusion of shapely brows! One popular way to fill in thin eyebrows is by using eyebrow pencils. However, like any other variety of makeup, there are many options to consider when you visit the makeup section of your local store or beauty supply shop. With so many choices, making the right one can seem intimidating, but taking a few considerations before you go shopping can help you find a product that will work best for your eyebrows.

How Do I Choose an Eyebrow Pencil Color?

Choosing makeup colors can be a tricky process. Knowing when to choose something a shade lighter or darker than your natural features can be challenging, and choosing incorrectly can lead to a non-blended final result.

When choosing eyebrow pencils, you want to select a shade that is about one shade lighter than your natural eyebrow color. Eyebrow pencils produce a lighter look than a brow gel, so to keep the look blended and tame against your natural hairs, a lighter shade will allow you to fill in the area finely without any obvious, darkened spots.

Some people will make the mistake of choosing an eyebrow pencil that is darker than their eyebrow hair. This method applies to brow gels because they produce an overall dramatic look in comparison. Because the differences in products are dramatic and require a different application process, the darker shade works better for gels than pencils. It is best to stick to a shade lighter when buying eyebrow pencils.

What Else Should I Do When Looking for a New Eyebrow Pencil?

Another factor to consider when shopping for new eyebrow pencils is their wearability and ease of application. Like any other brands of other products, some types afford different features when applying them. It is best to consider some of these features before shopping. If you are in a beauty supply store, you may have the opportunity to test a product on your skin before deciding to buy it.

When testing an eyebrow pencil, first consider blendability. After ensuring that the sample is properly warmed (this can be done in a store by rolling the sample pencil between your palms for a minute or so), use it to add some brow lines to the back of your hand. After giving the product a second to dry and settle, see how easily you can blend it with your finger or a cotton swab. You want to see some blendability — this means it is easier to soften the product’s appearance on your brows in case you apply it too heavily or strongly. Don’t let too much smudging or blending startle you. After you’re done blending the product into your own brows to your satisfaction, you can set it for the day by applying a finishing spray, brow pomade, or other setting product to keep your look going all day long.

In a situation where you can test a product before buying, you can take the opportunity to see how different shades of eyebrow pencil will look compared to your hair and skin. While drugstore brand makeup can be a great budget-friendly find, you often lose the opportunity to test the product on your skin first due to lack of samples. At your beauty supply store, you can test colors before buying one, so take advantage and explore different shade choices. Like any other products, eyebrow pencils come in an array of different color types and shades, and being able to explore different brands’ interpretations of colors can help you find one that not only works for you but also highlights your eyebrows’ natural color perfectly.

A final, but very important, factor to consider when shopping for an eyebrow pencil is its ingredients. No two eyebrow pencil brands are the same, and it is important to test how the product will react with your skin. An eyebrow pencil shade can look great against your natural eyebrow color, but if the ingredients irritate your skin, it can lead to a wasted, unusable product and potential eye irritation. Because the areas near and around your eyes are home to some of the most sensitive skin on your whole body, it is crucial to choose products that won’t cause redness or irritation there. A simple patch test on your skin can ensure you are buying an eyebrow pencil that looks great and is compatible with your skin.

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