How Do I Choose the Right Drugstore Primer?

Shopping for primer? We're here to help. Our tips will help you pick the best drugstore makeup primer

Use our tips to pick the best drugstore primer for your needs

You might look high and low to find the best drugstore primer. If so, you need to learn a thing or two first before taking the next step that involves the actual selection process. In case you don’t already know, makeup primers are used to lay the base of your foundation and makeup in much the same way you would use glue to lay the foundation of your brick house.

Once you apply primer, you are free to put on makeup or moisturizer as it will have a solid foundation to hold on to. You can say that drugstore primers are the heroes of your much anticipated makeup routine. Using the right formulation will not only enhance the longevity of your makeup but also take care of other concerns to do with your complexion such as shine, oiliness and grease. If you get it right in choosing the right drugstore primer for your skin type, then you shouldn’t have to worry about a thing.

How to Choose the Perfect Drugstore Primer

The key secret to a flawless foundation is having a good canvas to fall back onto. In this case it would be your face. Therefore, it is in your best interest to find a drugstore primer that will get the job done regarding blurring, brightening, and perfecting your face. The added benefit is that your makeup will last so much longer.

To source a good primer is as essential as a good foundation.

Just a couple of years ago it was challenging to find an affordable makeup primer at the drugstore. Nowadays, it is easy peasy to come across a bargain buy that addresses any skin issues and that is suitable for all skin types.

We delved a little deeper and focused on what you need to look out for when choosing your drugstore primer.

Tips and Tricks to Help You Choose Your Drugstore Primer

The first aspect you need to consider is your skin type. In other words; do you have a dry skin? Then, you would have to settle for a hydrating drugstore primer.

The primer you choose needs to assist with color correction and match your foundation in that it should have the same base consistency, whether it be oil, silicone- or water-based.

Seeing that we touched on color correcting primers, we might as well give a rundown of the other drugstore primers you will find. Some of these are:

  • Liquid primer - These are excellent if you are on the lookout for a light primer as they smooth your skin quite well.
  • Gel primer - Preferred by makeup pros, they do a sterling job for those who have sensitive skin and are great for filling in wrinkle lines. Many of the drugstore primers are also fragrance free.
  • Moisturizing primer - These are highly recommended for individuals with dry skin as they combine the primer with a moisturizer to ensure a silky, smooth complexion. We would like to mention that it is probably better to go for a standalone moisturizer and primer to achieve better results.
  • Anti-aging primer - This type of drugstore primer features a host of minerals and vitamins that are in place to fight off wrinkles and aging. Be careful in easily believing many claims made by famous brands concerning anti-aging as it takes time to look stave off years of your life within a short period. However, they go to work immediately in hiding dark spots and other flaws.
  • Cream primer - Many of these types of primers are heavy and would include sun protection ingredients. Similar to face creams, they can be applied all over your face.
  • Color correcting primer - You can say that it is the primer that acts as concealer. They are excellent to cover an undesirable skin tone and are freely available in various drugstores. Many of the brands are HD ready and would easily smoothen your face for HD photography. Some products in this range are branded as tinted primers as they combine a primer and foundation into one. These are great for individuals who are strapped for time.

Final Pointers to Look out for When Choosing a Drugstore Primer

If you are lucky enough to have normal skin type, then the chances are good that you will not struggle with blemishes or redness. Therefore pore-blurring drugstore primer will be just fine.

If your skin type borders on being too oily, then you need to settle for a mattifying primer instead as your skin will not become greasy and shiny during the day. Unfortunately, oily skin is prone to acne and you would do well to opt for anti-acne based drugstore primers.

For dry skin individuals, a primer that features moisturizing capabilities and provide one with a dewy finish would be more ideal.

Speak to the experts if you are not entirely sure of your skin type. Some folks may have a combination skin, mature skin, or sensitive skin, and would require primers that contain no fragrances and that feature extra ingredients to accommodate their individual needs. Some of you may have to experiment a bit to find the drugstore primer that is a perfect fit.

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