How to Choose an Eyeliner

What's the best eyeliner for you? Here's how to choose. Explore the types of eyeliner out there and the looks they create to pick your perfect match.

Best Eyeliner: How to Choose the Right Eye Makeup for You

Getting your eyeliner right is an important part of your makeup routine. When you choose the wrong eyeliner, your meticulous and fabulous makeup application can quickly turn your beautiful eyes into a smudgy mess or make you look like a raccoon.

How do you choose the right eyeliner for your eyes?

There are some expert tips that can help answer that question for you. Have a look.

Eyeliner for Beginners

If you are new to the eyeliner scene, then you don’t want to pick an eyeliner that is going to be complicated to apply. The best bet for those who are new to applying eyeliner is a pencil eyeliner that has a medium-sized tip.

Using a pencil eyeliner will help you get the look you are trying to achieve without much effort. It is easy to wash off and fairly simple to apply. However, you want to be sure that you are getting a medium tip that is soft strokes on without any effort.

Eyeliner for those with some makeup experience

When you have some experience with makeup but not enough to say that you are an expert, you can move onto other types of eyeliner. A pencil eyeliner with a thicker or thin tip works well for those with some experience.

If you are adventurous and want to try doing some more masterful techniques with an eyeliner pen, try out the liquid ones. You can get the meticulous cat eyes, wings and so much more using a good liquid eyeliner.

Additionally, if you don’t have time reapply your makeup throughout the day, you want to go with liquid eyeliner as it does not wear off as easily as a pencil one will but doesn’t take the skill needed to use gel eyeliner.

Eyeliner for Advanced makeup artists

With advanced makeup, skills comes a lot of options. You can use just about any makeup on the market. When it comes to eyeliner, you can choose from liquid to gel eyeliners and still look fabulous. Liquid eyeliner is great for clean lines that are smooth and can do just about anything you want.

Gel eyeliner is a bit trickier, but you can do some amazing things with it. Using a brush and small pot of eyeliner, you can create any look you desire. One thing gel eyeliner is particularly good for is creating cat eyes or wings.

Both liquid and gel eyeliner tend to last longer than the pencil eyeliner and take a bit more skill than a pencil does. However, they are both great eyeliners. One thing to be aware of is that using gel eyeliner means you have to clean a brush regularly to avoid infections. Additionally, make sure you take good care of the pot of eyeliner so that it doesn’t dry out, as it tends to do easily.

How do you choose the right eyeliner based on the look you want?

Along with experience level, choosing the right eyeliner is also determined by what look you are hoping to achieve.

When you are looking for a simple, clean look, light-colored pencil eyeliner is a good choice. When it comes to working, you can easily use either a pencil or liquid eyeliner. However, note that liquid eyeliner tends to last longer.

If you are tending to go on a night out or a party, both liquid and gel eyeliners might be the one you are after. You especially want to get liquid or gel eyeliners if you like to experiment with the way to apply your eyeliner. Since both give clean lines, you can experiment with double lines, cat eyes, or more smoldering looks.

Conclusion: What is the best eyeliner for you?

Choosing the right eyeliner is a personal decision. You need to determine what type of eyeliner you are most comfortable working with that close to your eyes. Additionally, you need to determine what eyeliner works best for the styles and look you are hoping to achieve.

Eyeliner is not easy to clean when you make a mistake, so using the eyeliner that you feel most comfortable with and find the easiest to use is best. However, choosing the right eyeliner is going to take some trial and error.

Once you have reached a level of comfort with using and applying eyeliner, then you can bridge out and start experimenting with other types until you find the one you can’t live without.

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