Ways to Cozy Up Your Backyard or Patio

How can you make your yard or patio warm and inviting? Outdoor heaters and other cozy comforts. Read our guide for getting comfy outside.

How to Warm Up Yards and Patios: Outdoor Heaters and Decor

With fall in the offing, it’s the perfect time of year to lounge around in your backyard and soak up the last of the summer sun or enjoy the bliss of cooler evenings before the cold starts to set in. And whether you’ve gone on vacation or not, you can always make your home space into your ideal place to relax in with these easy, creative ways to cozy up your backyard or patio.

How to Elevate Your Seating

Though you probably already have a bench or a couple of chairs at the ready, elevating your seating is a great way to elevate the look and feel of your backyard or patio. Outdoor sofas, lounge chairs, and daybeds are perfect for sunbathing or getting together with friends and are all instantly more comfy than wood or wire chairs. Hammocks also look amazing if you have enough room to set one up (or a few!). To add even more fun, you could set up a swing, which would be perfect to entice any kids to get out and play. Or, for a more relaxing feel, a two-person porch swing would do the trick to uplift the look of your home.

Why you should Play with Lighting to find the best option

This is probably the easiest way to completely transform your backyard or patio with just a couple extra dollars. A few well-placed string lights do wonders to give your space a charming radiance. You can even get creative with your lighting ideas by using tiki torches for a more tropical feel. Or, you could create real mood lighting with color-changing LED strips you can put almost anywhere to match whatever vibe you want to go for, from a soft romantic glow to a neon night club.

How to Create Some Shade

Depending on what kind of seating you have or want to get, creating shade can play a huge part in your backyard or patio comfortability. An adjustable patio umbrella or even a beach umbrella is the go-to in this category, and most everyone has one laying around, waiting to be put to good use. It’ll also (of course) come in handy in case of any rain.

How to Stay Warm with Heating

As soon as the colder weather hits, it’s obvious that most will want to stay warm as opposed to bearing the elements. That said, outdoor heating is perfect to keep a space just as comfortable as inside. You can find a wonderful outdoor heater to liven up your area, or you can even get a fire pit if that better fits your vibe (and if you can’t decide, there are ways to help you choose between the two). Gather the family around to throw on some S’mores, or even cuddle up beneath a cozy blanket with some music or games, and your house will become the new place to be on Saturday nights.

How to Enjoy an Outdoor Kitchen

Everything is always better with some food around, so consider creating an outdoor kitchen for yourself with a mini-fridge, or DIY a portable mini-bar with a tray of your favorite drinks to share and enjoy. Even with barbecue season nearing its end, you can’t ever go wrong with a nice outdoor gas or charcoal grill, though in the colder months, be sure to care for it well in case of any possible winter grilling.

What to Consider about the Flooring & Final Touches

Flooring is a simple thing that can be easy to forget about but can also pack a punch in emphasizing the mood of your space. An outdoor rug or DIY stone path can immediately transform your backyard or patio to make it elegant or more rustic, depending on which type of style you want. If you want to go bigger, you can install wood panel flooring, or just add some accents of wood along your walls with simple decorations to introduce instant warmth with a cabin-cozy feel. Whichever route you choose, whether it’s a new installation or DIY, a renovation or a makeover, the simplest touches can make your backyard or patio a cozy and comfortable getaway right in your own home.

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