How To Naturally Curl Eyelashes with Mascara

Here's how you can naturally curl eyelashes with your mascara.

Mascara can have more than one purpose.

Many women feel lost without their eyelash curler. Besides, they love the no-mascara option that allows them to boast longer-looking lashes. But, what if you still have not quite mastered the art of curling your lashes or you left your curler behind? Would you be interested in other ways to naturally curl eyelashes with mascara?

Follow along as we look at natural methods that often involve the use of mascara to curl your lashes when your curler is not around.

Natural Ways to Curl Eyelashes with Mascara

Have you heard of using a Q-tip? These are excellent for cleaning your ears as long as you don't go too deep, and for clearing fossilized eyeliner. But, did you know that they are ideal for curling your lashes also? Remember that we spoke about incorporating mascara when curling your eyelashes? This is where you apply your mascara first before holding the middle section of your Q-tip horizontally across your lash line. From here, you would gently push up on your eyelashes. Hold this position for about 15 seconds to allow the mascara to set and lock the curl in place.

How to curl your eyelashes with a spoon

Another easy way to curl your lashes is through using a spoon. A famous actress was taught this beauty hack back in the day. Just take a regular spoon and warm it up. Next, you need to press the curved edge onto your lashes, then hold it with your thumb for a couple of seconds.

Just as natural is to make use of your finger, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before applying a coat of mascara using your index finger for curving your lashes upward. Hold it in position for a while. While it can turn out to be a messy business, it will do when there is no other alternative.

How the best modern mascaras help to curl your lashes

But, hold on! There is an even better way than tinkering around with all kinds of methods just to curl your lashes.

Besides, who of you want to have a tug of war with your eyelash curlers or trying this or that? It is like some kind of torture in a weird way?

Low and behold, there is a more modern way that involves the use of a uniquely designed mascara type. It is formulated to curve and define the most stubborn lashes the way it is meant to be. Not only that, the mascara will make your eyes appear bigger than usual.

What is the secret formula that enables this kind of mascara to do its thing?

For one, some new mascaras feature a brush that has quite a few soft hooks, designed to lift and curl your lashes without any hassles. It doesn't matter how your eyes are shaped; furthermore, the formula for some newer mascaras contains Vitamin B5 for conditioning purposes. In some cases, the black, satin-like ink will hold the desired position for up to 12 hours long.

What you will want to look for is a mascara brush that has numerous bristles that are in place to grab your lashes. Therefore even smaller eyelashes will appear wide awake.

How to Naturally Curl Eyelashes with Mascara to create definition

Some may say they have the right lash length but they lack definition. It shouldn't be a problem anymore if you have the best mascara close at hand. All you need to do is brush the wand from the root of your lashes to the tip with a brand that will actually separate the individual lashes.

You might be someone who sports light-colored or blonde lashes. Time to put the wondrous mascara that naturally curls eyelashes to the test as it ensures your lashes feature a beautiful darker shade. The wand is designed to lift your lashes all day long. Plus, the best brands are very easy to apply and hold the curl.

How to use an eyelash curler

What if you are the kind of woman that is well organized and always has her eyelash curler at the ready? After all, you love your magical contraption to bits as it makes your lashes look three times longer. We have a tip for you in that you should only apply your favorite mascara when you curled the lash. Making use of the best mascara ensure you do not veer too close to your lash rim as it may damage the cuticles of your lashes and result in lash breakage.

However, if you are more of an adventurer, we would advise you to put the best mascara brands to the test and leave your eyelash curler at home.

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