How To Get Rid of Roaches: Natural vs. Chemical Products

Should you use natural or chemical products to get rid of cockroaches? We did the research. Learn what works and what doesn't in dealing with roaches.

Roaches: How to Get Rid of Pests With Natural and Chemical Products

The Internet has hoards of information on how to get rid of roaches. If you look at Nature.com, you’ll find that a study conducted in 2019, shows that there are a “Rapid evolutionary responses to insecticide resistance management interventions by the German cockroach.” The German cockroach, the most popular cockroach around the world, is becoming harder to kill and is evolving so rapidly that they are almost indestructible. However, some remedies still work against them. See the natural versus chemical options posted below.

How to Treat Roach Infestations With Natural Solutions

Do you bake or cook? If so, you’ll have some great ingredients to make a natural bait for getting rid of or killing roaches. Boric acid with powdered sugar is a good bet, mix one-part boric acid and one part powdered sugar. The boric acid will kill the roaches while the powdered sugar lures them to a sweet death. This mixture can be sprinkled in cracks, on counters, and other possible places where roaches may sneak in.

Another mixture to concoct is one using baking soda, one-part sugary substance (such as honey, sugar, or jelly), and one part baking soda. Combine very well so the baking soda dissolves and the roach won’t eat around it, then, leave it in a corner. The roaches will eat the substance and will die away.

Use essential oils and herbs. Roaches don’t like the scent of mint or basil. Use a spray bottle, fill it with water, and add a few drops of essential mint or basil oil to it. Spray the areas you believe roaches may be hiding and not only will your room smell minty fresh, but you’ll also get to keep the roaches at bay.

Don’t have oil? Dry some mint or basil leaves, crush them up, and sprinkle them in your roach-infested areas.

The smell of cedar will drive roaches away too. Make sure to keep cedar chips in the areas you believe to be most affected by the roaches, and soon, they will steer clear.Want to use a natural remedy but want to go hi-tech? Try some sound therapy. An ultrasonic pest repeller will emit electromagnetic and ultrasonic waves that are safe around pets and humans but can be heard by many pests such as roaches, spiders, and mice. The sound will keep the roaches away without killing them.

What Are some other alternative roach infestation remedies?

Other natural remedies are quite easy like, keeping your house clean or stepping on a roach when you see it.

Another interesting, yet easy, the choice is to call in a naturalist expert in your area, a lot of the natural pest control companies use a substance called diatomaceous earth, which is a soft rock that crushes into a fine powder. It isn’t harmful to your family or pets, but it also works as a mechanical insecticide because of its effectiveness. You can turn down your heat or up your AC. Roaches don’t like the more cooling air because their muscles move more with the heat. When it is hot outside, the roaches will find the heat—let them stay out there.

How to take care of roach infestations with Chemicals

Now that some natural remedies have been discussed let’s talk about some chemical treatments. Chemicals can work quicker and may be more effective than natural resources. However, they can also be more harmful to your family, home, pets, and environment when getting rid of roaches.

Of course, calling an exterminator could be your best bet. Also, if you have a subscription with them, they may special visits use to make sure your home is still free of roaches.

Some other ideas, if you don’t want to break out the phone just yet would be to use a flashlight and glue strips. Examine places in your home to see where possible entryways for roaches to get in are--many roaches can wiggle through the holes in your shower drain so cracks and spaces in your walls will be no problem for them. Once you find the problem areas, add roach glue strips to the areas and watch as your home gets rid of the roaches quickly.

Now that you have the problem areas mapped out caulk all possible entry points. Using caulk will help your home stay infestation free.

Gel bait can reduce the roach population. Apply it to baseboards, cracks, and crevices The gel will effectively rid your home of live roaches, but will leave the roach bodies for a cleanup and roaches can develop a resistance to it over time.

Home Depot, Lowes, or other supply stores will have treatment options to get rid of roaches. Other options will include aerosols, foggers, roach motels, and roach bait. Each of these items is going to have a valid use, but such as the roach gel there will be other considerations. Aerosols will only be useful on one roach or visible roaches, foggers require clean up and aren’t guaranteed, the fog may drive them further into your walls. Roach motels aren’t suggested for large infestations, and roach bait, like the gel, will require lots of cleanup.

While roaches are becoming harder to kill, there isn’t a small supply of ways to get rid of them. When all else fails call in the professionals, they have a host of options maybe even we haven’t heard of yet.

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