How to Rock Lip Gloss the Right Way

New to lip gloss? We're here to help. Here's how to rock your lip gloss the right way

Here's how to do your lip gloss right

You may have enjoyed the matte liquid lipsticks craze that took the world by storm for the last few years so much that it’s possible you may have forgotten about your old favorite, lip glosses. Or maybe you've just discovered your new favorite lip glosses! Either way, though matte lips have certainly had their time in the spotlight, we all have to admit that lip gloss has and will always be around to give us that fresh, hydrated, high-shine look that will never go out of style. To help revive the glossy-lip trend, here are some tips to rock your best lip gloss the right way for that perfectly irresistible, lustrous look.

Tips To Rock Your Lip Gloss The Right Way

Always Prep Your Lips: Whether it’s by using a lip balm or lip scrub, it’s always important to prep your lips before applying any product. Though sometimes lip gloss can be more forgiving than lipstick when it comes to fine lines and other unwanted lip textures, your lips still need love either way. Prepping your lips by exfoliating and moisturizing does wonders to amplify the look of your lip gloss, smoothing out texture to show off shiny, kissable lips.

And if you don’t have a lip scrub to exfoliate, then don’t worry. You can always use an old toothbrush to exfoliate the dry flakes of skin to keep your lips looking smooth and plump.

Use Liner and Lipstick: Whichever type of lip gloss you're working with, it’s best to line your lips to ensure that your gloss doesn’t shift and smudge all over the place. It can also help to define the look of your lips if you have an opaque gloss in a shade similar to your skin tone. This will ensure that the color doesn’t completely wash you out, but instead stands out the way it should.

Then, if you’re working with sheer or clear formulas and you have a favorite lipstick, here’s where you can apply your signature color. After prepping your lips, your lipstick should go on smoother, which will allow your gloss to perfectly glide on top to deliver that beautiful sheen.

Apply Your Gloss: To give yourself a fuller pout, you can always layer up lip glosses and shades to give your lips a more dynamic look than the usual wash of clear gloss. To do this is easy—all you’ll need are two shades of product, such as a lipstick and a lighter lip gloss. Keep the darker shade towards the perimeter of your lips as if it were a lip liner, and slightly blend it towards the center of your lips. Then, apply the lighter gloss right in the center of your bottom and top lip. Press your lips together to blend it out, and you'll get a glossy pout that will stun and shine.

And don’t forget about the darker shades! If you love shades like plums, dark reds, browns, and even blacks, you can always still apply gloss on top to add an extra dimension. Vampy lips need some extra love, too, and a glassy, black or brown lip looks just as bold as matte lips do.

Other Ways to Use Your Lip Gloss

Even if you’re not a fan of the sticky lips, there are other ways your lip gloss can help you achieve a glow look you’re sure to love.

Highlighter: If you like the look of non-powdery highlights, your lip gloss could be a great stand-in for a dewy glow! Just use your finger to apply a small amount of gloss to the high points of your cheekbones and brow bones to instantly give you that highlighted look. Just keep in mind that the best glosses that work for replacing your highlighter are light and shimmery glosses.

Blush: You could even use some of your more opaque pink colors as a stand-in for cream blush. Apply a small amount to the apples of your cheeks and blend until you get your desired color. But remember that less is more, since with such a sheen, you could end up applying a bit too much for your liking.

Eyes: If you haven’t noticed this latest makeup trend, you’ve got to get on board! Glossy lids made their way from editorial magazines and runway shows to everyday wear since it’s so easy to recreate. They even make eye glosses now, but for convenience, you can always just use your regular lip gloss.

For a fresh look, apply a clear gloss, a lightly-tinted, or a glittery shade to your eyelids. You could also go for a darker glossy lid look if you apply your eyeshadow of choice under a clear gloss, or use a darker gloss to add color and shine to your lids in one go. But do be careful not to apply too much, since it might feel too sticky or heavy on your eyelids. Once done, finish with mascara, and you can even top it all off with a glossy lip to completely rock the gloss trend like the glazed goddess you are!

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