How to Safely Use Eyelash Glue

New to false eyelashes? We can help. Use our instructions to safely apply eyelash glue.

What you need to know about applying eyelash glue

False eyelashes can add a beautiful, dramatic flair to any makeup look, but gluing them on your natural lashes can feel like a chore. Any time a product is meant to go near your eyes, it is important to understand how to use it properly and safely. With a few tips and considerations, you can quickly secure your false eyelashes with eyelash glue without causing any irritation to your eyes.

What Type of Eyelash Glue Should I Be Using?

When you are looking for the best eyelash glue, it's important to know that there are two primary types of eyelash glue. One type is considered semi-permanent and the other type is referred to as a latex-based adhesive.

Semi-permanent glues are ideal for adhering individual false lashes within your natural lashes. If applied properly, this glue can hold for up to one week. Because it is holding individual lashes to your natural ones, it should never come into direct contact with your skin. A makeup remover will be needed to safely and effectively remove these.

Latex-based adhesives are made to come in contact with the skin. These are the glues used to adhere strip eyelashes directly above your natural lashes. This glue typically holds for one day, and a makeup remover is also required to remove these when it’s time to take them off.

Which Eyelash Glue Color Will Work Best for Me?

Glues are available in black and clear. Although there isn’t a big difference in safety or workability between the two colors, there are some functional differences that will help you determine which will work better for you.

If your makeup look will include black false lashes or black eyeliner, it is best to choose a black eyelash glue variation. While clear glue is ideal for any lash color, the black will blend in perfectly with already-black makeup. Clear glues can dry in a way that will be noticeable against stark black makeup.

How Do I Safely Apply My False Eyelashes Using Eyelash Glue?

The first step to a successful false eyelash application is understanding your eye shape. This step is particularly important if you plan to use a latex-based adhesive to apply a set of strip eyelashes. Your eye shape will determine how the false eyelashes will sit on top of you natural lashes (often, false eyelashes may require some trimming or altering straight out of the packaging).

The next step is gathering your materials. You will need to be near a sink when applying your false eyelashes in case any glue comes in direct contact with your eyes. You will also need a fresh, unopened pack of false eyelashes, your choice of eyelash glue, a small pair of scissors, your choice of mascara, and a pair of tweezers.

To remove your false eyelashes from the packaging correctly, peel them from the outer corners of the package to the inner corners. Peel them off slowly and one at a time. This will prevent any tearing or breaking.

Use the tweezers to lift one of the false eyelashes to the top of your lash line without any glue. Hold it gently above your lash line to determine if any will need to be trimmed before actually applying it with glue. If you determine some of the lash needs to be trimmed, gently snip away the excess part. Repeat this process for your other eye to make sure the false lashes are cut and sized correctly. When trimming a set of lashes, make sure you trim them from the outer edges inward. Trimming inward can create an uneven, uncomfortable look that doesn’t fit on the lash lines well.

If your false eyelashes accidentally “flatten out,” they can be fixed by gently rolling the edges around a pencil. Flat false eyelashes can look like they’re lifting away from your natural lashes, so keeping the edges rolled is important.

Before you begin the process of actually installing your false eyelashes, you’ll want to make sure your eye makeup is finished. A vital step to take before reaching for your eyelash glue is applying mascara to your natural lashes. The mascara will help give the eyelash glue something to grip once it’s applied.

Finally, you are ready to use your eyelash glue. Take one of the false eyelashes and gently dot it with glue along the false eyelash’s vein. For twice the security, also dot a thin layer of eyelash glue along your natural lash line (but be careful to avoid getting any in your eyes).

Gently place the false eyelash strip along your glue line. Using the tweezers, gently press them into place along your natural lash line. The mascara you applied earlier should help secure them further by giving the glue something to grab as you squeeze it into place. Repeat the process for your other eye, apply another thin coat of mascara all over, and enjoy your gorgeous lashes!

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