How to Save a Broken Lipstick

Can you save a broken lipstick? Definitely! Learn how with the help of our expert guide and stop throwing away perfectly good cosmetics.

Broken Lipstick: How to Save and Use

It’s happened to us all — you’ve found your perfect lipstick shade, twisted it up for application, and accidentally broken the tube. Whether you’ve pressed too hard on the actual lipstick and broke the color into pieces, twisted the tube too far up so that it won’t return down, or even left your lipstick in the car all day only to find a melted puddle of color, there are always ways to save a broken lipstick.

Once you find the best lipstick for your skin tone and aesthetic, you don’t want to toss it unless you absolutely have no other options. Fortunately, a broken lipstick isn’t irreparable. Here are all the must-know tips and tricks for saving your best lipstick no matter how you broke it.

How to Fix a Broken Lipstick

First things first, if you’ve merely broken the actual lipstick (consisting of the creme color) in half, you don’t have to fret. Instead of tossing your favorite shade into the garbage, twist the lipstick as high up as it will go. From there, remove the piece of broken lipstick at the top of the tube and use a cotton swab to smooth out the remaining base of the lipstick that is still attached to the tube. The purpose of this is that you want to create a smooth surface for the broken piece to be adhered to.

Once you’ve completed this prep work, carefully light a match or lighter and let the heat warm up the base of the lipstick still attached to the tube. You want this area to become warm and slightly melted. Apply this same process to the bottom of the broken lipstick piece, being careful not to burn your fingertips. Once the end of the broken lipstick is warm and melted, use another cotton swab to smooth out its base before sitting it back on top of the lipstick tube.

From there, use another match or lighter to melt the two pieces together. You can also use a cotton swab or makeup brush to smooth out the sides. Once you feel like your lipstick is in a smooth and repaired condition, place it into the fridge for about an hour to help the solidification process. Voila! You now have a repaired lipstick.

To prevent a broken lipstick in the future, always let your lipstick acclimate to the temperature that it’s in before applying it to your lips. Cold temperatures can make lipstick brittle and more likely to snap or break upon application. Additionally, if the temperature is particularly hot, make sure you always give your lipstick time to cool down (or toss it in the fridge for a few minutes) before applying it to help re-harden the wax and prevent breakages.

How to Save a Lipstick in a Broken Tube

If you’re dealing with a lipstick that has a broken applicator, you can still save the actual lip color while tossing the malfunctioning tube. To do this, first find a small container with a removable top that you can store your lipstick in. Empty eyeshadow palettes or old lip balm containers work well for this.

Next, use a toothpick or tweezers to get the lip color out of the lipstick tube and into the container. You can mash the lip color into the container with a cotton swab or lip brush if that makes the process easier. With this technique, you can apply the lip color directly from the container with either your finger or a lip brush whenever you want to wear it.

If the final product here remains too messy for your liking, you can also try another method of melting the lip color before pouring it into a sealable container. To achieve this, simply put the pieces of broken lipstick into a spoon and use a lighter to warm the metal (and subsequently, the lip color), until it is melted enough to be poured into your container.

how to Salvage a Melted Lipstick

If you’re trying to save a melted lipstick, you can follow the same methods as you would for a lipstick with a broken tube. Similarly, scoop as much of the melted lipstick as you can out of the broken tube and put it into a microwave-safe container. Once you’ve done this, microwave the lipstick for a few seconds to get it to a more liquid-like consistency that you can scoop with a spoon into a smaller, sealable container.

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