How to Achieve Undertones Using Bronzer

How do you use bronzer to create undertones? We've got your guide. Use bronzer for a multidimensional, glowing look, just like the makeup pros.

How to Use Bronzer to Get Undertones

Bronzer is all about making the skin look healthier and is used to add warmth and dimension to your face. There is a right way and a wrong way to achieve undertones using bronzer. In a big way, it depends on the tone of your skin. Some ladies are blessed with darker skin and others have a light to medium tone. Using a bronzer that features orange undertones is excellent for use with olive or darker skin as it creates just the right shade of warmth.

If you are someone who has a light to medium complexion, then a cooler base or semi-matte bronzer that features a neutral shade will be perfect.

Why Is it Important to Know the Undertone of Your Skin?

Choosing the right bronzer to achieve the right undertone has a lot to do with your skin’s natural undertones. These can be cool, neutral, or warm. You need to know what your undertone is to pick a bronzer that is the perfect match.

It is your undertone that determines how well the bronzer you want to apply will match your own complexion. Picking the wrong bronzer will have disastrous consequences for your overall makeup look.

How to get the Right Undertone for your skin

How do you know for sure whether you have cool or warm undertones?

If you are someone who favors silver jewelry, burns easily when in the sun, and are blessed with blue veins, then you have cool undertones.

Those who sport greenish veins, love golden jewelry, and tan easily can be certain they have warm undertones.

But, what if you like both metal types and sometimes you tan easily and other times not? Well, then your skin might be more olive-like in appearance in which case you would veer toward neutral or warm undertones.

Which Bronzer is best for Your Skin Tone?

Let us break it down by explaining the different undertones.

Bronzer for Warm Undertones

Individuals with warm undertones have a wider selection of bronzers to make their pick from. Besides, golden bronzers are way more popular nowadays and offer more choices.

One such product offers sun-kissed appearance is very easy to blend and applies evenly and smoothly.

Bronzer for Neutral Undertones

Those of you who know for sure you are blessed with a neutral undertone will do best when making use of bronzer that features more of a coppery shade. This way, you will sport a look that is neither too pink nor too golden.

Brands that provide a stunning bronze appearance is ideal for creating a healthier and more radiant look.

Bronzer for Cool Undertones

Unfortunately, an individual who sports a cool undertone will find it harder to source the right bronzer for their skin. Not all is lost, as there are some options in the world of beauty and makeup.

Consider coppery tones and rose gold tones to cover your cool-toned skin. Just as good is a bronzer/blusher combination, as your skin will reflect a pinkish tone, which is great for bringing out the best of cool undertone individuals.

As tanning doesn’t come naturally, you are someone who can do with a bit of deliberation bronzer application.

What you need is a beautiful and radiant appearance that some of the more popular combo bronzer and blusher products will afford you.

Figuring out how to achieve undertones using bronzers would be just one facet of selecting the right shade for your skin. Just as important is the color intensity as it needs to compliment your skin tone.

Ideally, your bronzer must be a shade or two darker than your skin tone. You should never go too light.

Matte bronzers are perfect for an olive tone skin type as it brings out the natural tone of your skin. To create a shimmering effect, then make use of a highlighter in addition to the bronzer.

Gel, cream, and liquid bronzers are well suited to olive and medium skin tones. It helps you to sport a matte finish that looks dewy but is not too sparkly.

In any event, if you are lucky to have an olive skin type, then you already enjoy a beautiful tone to your skin. Making use of a matte bronzer will enhance your natural tones.

Others with warm and cool undertones will have to work harder to find a bronzer that will complement their skin tone.

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