How to Properly Use an Eyelash Curler

How do you use an eyelash curler? We explain. Learn to correctly use an eyelash curler for lovely-looking lashes.

How To Use An Eyelash Curler

Nothing completes a great eye makeup look like crisp, curled eyelashes. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t born with long, naturally curled lashes. Luckily, we can all use tools to replicate this beautiful look with products and items sold at local beauty supply shops or drugstores. One of the best products to have in your beauty bag to create great curled eyelashes is an eyelash curler.

How Does an Eyelash Curler Work?

Eyelash curlers gently press and shape eyelashes into a curled appearance. This makes lashes look fuller and more vibrant compared to the natural shape of eyelashes. With an added swipe of mascara, anyone can use a curler to achieve full, robust lashes in under a minute.

There are two main varieties of eyelash curlers: Heated and unheated. Heated eyelash curlers call on the same method for curling lashes that regular curling irons do. By using heated elements, they create a curled appearance in the lashes that hold for extended wear. Unheated curlers use a crimping method to create curled effects.

How Do I Use an Eyelash Curler Correctly?

No matter what type of curler you choose to use, it is best to work slowly and in stages to avoid causing any damage to your lashes. Although the process is relatively quick, it is important to be alert and work carefully when using any tool so closely to your eyes. Besides damaging your lashes, rushing the process can also lead to awkwardly-shaped lashes or even some slight pain.

First, begin at the base of lashes and grip them firmly with the curler. Rather than pressing down hard to begin the curl, slowly blink to allow the lashes to naturally glide through the curler.

Next, grip your lashes again near the center. Again, grip and slowly blink again to guide the lashes through the curler without any tugging.

At this point, you may be satisfied with the shape of your curl. If not, you can gently repeat the process again to achieve the curl you want. The finishing step for any eyelash curling is a coat of your favorite mascara.

What Should I Avoid Doing When Using an Eyelash Curler?

Gripping lashes too tightly with an eyelash curler can create awkwardly bent, L-shaped lashes. Gripping the lashes too tight can also damage them purposely, pulling them out of the eyelid.

Some people believe mascara should be applied before curling eyelashes, but this can create unnecessary issues with your curler. The mascara can create a lot of extra buildup to clean off after each use. Also, the presence of product on the pads can cause the eyelashes to be tugged too hard during the curling process.

How Should I Sanitize and Store My Eyelash Curler Once I’m Done Using It?

An important part of operating any beauty tool is properly cleaning and storing the product once you’re done using it. Any tool that comes in close contact with your eyes should be cleaned after each use. This will minimize the chances of irritating your eyes or introducing any harmful bacteria to them.

To clean your eyelash curler, you will need cotton balls, makeup remover, and liquid dish soap. If you don’t have any makeup remover, you can substitute it with baby oil. First, dabble a cotton ball into some makeup remover and gently wipe around the eyelash curler’s pads to remove any lingering eye makeup that might be stuck there. After the excess eye makeup is removed, mix a few drops of liquid dish soap into some water. Use another cotton ball to gently work the soapy mixture around the eyelash curler’s parts to sanitize it. Use plain water to rinse away any leftover soap and makeup remover and allow the eyelash curler to dry before storing it.

Eyelash curlers should be stored away in a place that will prevent them from coming into accidental contact with anything that could harm the eyes. Unintentional exposure to cleaning chemicals, hairspray, perfumes, or other sprays that could leave residue on the eyelash curler could accidentally come into contact with the eyes and irritate them.

Besides cleaning your eyelash curler regularly, you should also avoid sharing it with a friend. The eyes are delicate, and introducing germs from a friend’s eyes to yours (or from your eyes to theirs) can lead to painful, serious trouble that may require medical assistance to remedy.

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