How to Effectively Use a Facial Cleanser

Are you using your facial cleanser wrong? Here's what to know. Check out our tips for cleansing your skin to get a better complexion now.

How to Use Facial Cleanser the Right Way

Using facial cleansers as part of your daily skincare routine is very important. No matter what else you do, you should wash your face using a cleanser.

During the day, your skin accumulates an awful lot of dirt and oil that is bad for your skin. Furthermore, the more time you spend outdoors, the more you are exposed to smoke, dust and other pollutants that are bad for your facial skin.

Another way your skin takes a beating day to day is with makeup that leaves residues and clogs your pores. Once makeup products mix with your facial oils, you can end up with many skin irritations.

However, cleansing your skin using a facial cleanser every day will help you to reduce these irritants. Using a cleanser allows you to clean your pores and remove all that excess oil and dirt from your face.

What you need to make sure your face remains nice and smooth is the best facial cleanser on the market. However, once you have that cleanser, you need to know how to use it effectively.

When should you cleanse your face?

The very first thing you should know is that you should cleanse your face at least twice a day. Once in the morning when you first wake up and before you apply your other facial products. Those products help to protect your skin once you apply your makeup.

The other time of day to cleanse is in the evening before you go to bed. Cleansing before helps to remove the day's accumulation of toxins off your face. Cleansing your face before sleeping will have you feeling much more refreshed and gives your skin a break.

How do you effectively use your facial cleanser?

  1. The first thing you want to be sure of is that your hands are perfectly clean.
  2. Dampen your face using warm water. Try to get the water as warm as you can handle because the warmer the water, the more open your pores will become. Open pores are easier to clean.
  3. Apply only a small amount of cleanser on your fingers, or you can use a soft face towel. Just be sure to use only enough cleanser as is necessary to clean your face.
  4. Gently apply the facial cleanser to your face. Using a circular motion, you want to be sure to cover your entire face starting from the top and moving downwards. Therefore, start at your forehead and work your way down so that the dirt and toxins move away from your face. Spend more time on the areas you know hold the most dirt.
  5. Massage your face with the cleanser for a few minutes to allow it to penetrate deeply.
  6. Leave the cleanser on your skin for a couple of minutes.
  7. Using warm water, remove all the cleanser. You want to make sure to remove it all so that you don’t end up with a leftover residue.
  8. Using a soft towel, pat dry your face. You don’t want to rub it because the rubbing can irritate freshly cleaned skin.

Following this routine should get your skin cleansed nicely. However, if you have thick makeup on, you may want to double cleanse to be sure to remove it all in its entirety. The same applies to if you were working hard in a dusty or dirty environment or if you have been perspiring extensively.

Conclusion: How to Wash Your Face

Using a facial cleanser is essential to your skincare routine. You want to be sure that you are using only the best facial cleanser for your complexion, as well, because you want your face to remain to look as good as possible.

However, facial cleansing isn’t the only thing you want to do as part of your facial routine. Using a toner, exfoliator, and other skin products that are designed to protect your skin is also a good idea. Making sure to have a moisturizer with added SPF is a good idea during the day and night cream that helps to keep your skin feeling refreshed is a good idea as well.

A good skincare routine that begins with facial cleansing will put you on the right track of keeping your skin looking glowing and refreshed.

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