How to Use Your Shark Vacuum

How do you use a Shark vacuum? We'll explain. Make the most of the available Shark vacuum features and accessories for any room or surface.

Shark Vacuums: How to Best Use

There’s a long-awaited new addition to your household, and you have every expectation that it will live up to all the hopes you have for it. Is it a new baby? A cuddly new pet? No, it’s a Shark.

Now that this shark has finally arrived and you are ready to enjoy all of the benefits you’ve been told to expect, what do you do in order to maximize its potential?

Know What You Need From Your Shark

A big part of learning how to use your Shark vacuum to its maximum capability begins before you take the first step. That’s before you actually purchase one. Which model is right for your household? Is picking up pet hair your biggest concern? Do you have several different types of floor coverings?

Is maneuverability most important to you, or is sheer suction power what you most need? Do you have stairs? Are you a control freak who wants to do the work yourself, or do you prefer to sit back and let the vacuum work without you?

Taking the time to read the different capabilities of each model and then choosing the one that best suits your needs is the first step toward learning how to get the best results from your Shark.

Assess Your Accessories

Shark vacuum models come with many helpful accessories. It’s important to know your Shark accessories and what they are for. For instance, the handheld pet turbo brush is amazing for removing pet hair from stairs, furniture, and dog or cat beds. If you aren’t the “out of sight, out of mind” type and you worry about the dirt, crumbs and dust bunnies hiding under your stove and refrigerator, then the extendable under-appliance and furniture wand is the magic wand for you. Use it to reach places that generally only get exposed (to your mortification) when the repairman comes.The multi-angle position dusting brush attachment is helpful for reaching fan blades, the tops of doors, shelves, and drapes for those who wish to vacuum things above the head, as well as beneath the feet. This feature will ensure that you pass the white glove test when mother-in-law visits.A hardwood floor dust-away attachment is critical if your home has a mix of carpet and hardwood floors.LED headlights are wonderful for parents who’ve experienced accidentally sucking up a child’s legos, puzzle pieces, or small toys. The LED lighting will help you to see into dark corners and under beds and furniture while vacuuming.If you have one or more long-haired individuals living in your home, you’ve probably experienced the unpleasant task of unwinding hair from your vacuum brush. If that’s an issue for you, you may want to choose a model with the Zero-M system which removes hair for you.If you want your vacuuming done for you, but can’t afford a housekeeper, then the Shark ION Robot R85 is the model you want. It has dual brushes for carpets and floors and side arms for corners and edges.

The Buzz on Vacuuming

Dust before vacuuming, not after. Since dusting furniture sometimes causes dust to land on the floor you will pick up the most dust with your vacuum if you vacuum after dusting rather than before.

To get the most thorough cleaning for carpet, it’s important to vacuum the same area in more than one direction in order to pick up the most dust, dirt, and debris. Back and forth or crisscross patterns help to deep clean the carpet fibers. Vacuuming in one direction is not enough to get the deep clean you want.

Keeping your canister empty and filters clean is also important in order to maintain the highest suction in your Shark vacuum. If you notice diminished suction, smell a strong odor, or hear a slight change in the sound of your vacuum cleaner it generally means you need to empty your canister.

Another important pointer is to select the right setting for your flooring. Most Shark models allow you to adjust for carpets and floors as each requires a different suction method.

Once you’ve selected the Shark Vacuum model that is the ideal fit for your household and read over the pointers to get the most from your purchase, it’s time to let your Shark loose to see what it can do!

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