How to Use Sunless Tanning Lotion Properly

How do you use indoor tanning lotion? We've got your guide. Avoid fading, streaks, and looking fake, and look bronze, healthy, and glowing!

Sunless Tanning Lotion: How to Look Tan Without Getting Sun

That time of year is upon us once again, where being outside is a must and having a great tan is equally important. If you love to be outside there is no doubt that you want a great tan to match your summer body, but laying in the sun can take a fair amount of time which many of us don’t have. So, can you get a summer tan without actually baking in the sun? Well, the answer is yes and it's thanks to something called indoor tanning lotion. Now it used to be that sunless tanning lotion was frowned upon because it would give you that trademark orange glow, but nowadays the modern sunless tanning lotions have come a lot further.

The new formulations are much more advanced, offering quite a few stages to choose from that will help you to get that wonderful glow. A great thing is that many of the current sunless tanning lotions are made from natural ingredients, which has advanced from the lotions of yesteryear. Sunless tanning lotion can be a great alternative to tanning beds and actual sunbathing because you don’t have the risk of sun cancer and harmful UV rays hitting the skin. If you have been searching for that beautiful brown glow this season sunless tanning lotion could be the way to accomplish it, so read on further as we take a look at how to use sunless tanning lotion properly and get that beautiful glow this season.

How is indoor tanning Lotion different than a Spray Tan?

Probably one of the most confusing things about sunless tanning lotion is the fact that it gets confused with tanning spray, and the two couldn’t be further apart from each other. Think of sunless tanning spray as spray paint for the human body, whereas the sunless tanning lotion goes on the skin nice and thick and creates a lasting looking. Another benefit to sunless tanning lotion over the traditional spray tan is the fact that it moisturizes the skin, whereas spray tan is nothing more than aesthetic.

why to Exfoliate Your skin Before You Apply indoor tanning Lotion

It should come without question that you need to have a clean body to get an even tan, and this is especially true with sunless tanning lotion. You’ll need to exfoliate your entire body and get all of the dead skin cells off of it, creating a nice even look. When you put sunless tanning lotion onto dry skin all it will do is create cracks and obscure the look, which is not what you want to convey when you are going to a realistic tan.

The More The Merrier: Why to make sure you use enough indoor tanning lotion

When you set out to create a sunless tan you are not going to be able to be moderate with the amount of lotion that you put on your skin, a small amount just isn’t going to cut it. Instead, you need to generously lather an amount of sunless tanning lotion onto your skin, this way you’ll coat the entire area in which you are trying to tan. The things that you want to avoid are tan lines and worse the dreaded discoloration. So, take the time and use a lot of sunless tanning lotion to create the desired effect.

Step Out Into The Sun to make sure your tan looks natural

Perhaps one of the most simplistic ways to make sure that you have a decent looking tan is to step out into the actual sunlight. The lighting inside of your home is not going to give you an adequate idea of how the tan is going to come out, thus you’ll need to take the time to go out into the sun with a mirror and actually look around your body and make sure that you have applied the sunless tanning lotion correctly. The buddy system works great when you are doing this, especially to help get your back nice and coated.

It's All In The Wrist Work: how to get even coverage with indoor tanning lotion

First and foremost, lathering on sunless tanning lotion is a job. You are going to need someone to help you who can get the job done right the first time, and effectively. The sunless tanning lotion will coat your entire body, which is the goal but if you are not rubbing it on correctly all you’ll experience is a dry lackluster look. The right technique will help your sunless tanning lotion to go to the next level, so rub it on nice and thick and in a circular motion until you see it blend in with the skin.

how to Choose The right Tone of indoor tanning lotion

Sunless tanning lotion comes in a plethora of colors, which is what makes it such a popular choice for consumers who want to get a tan with ease. But, many people will make the mistake of choosing the wrong tone that doesn’t match their actual skin color. Don’t be afraid to try different shades, because the worst thing that can happen is you will waste a little bit of lotion trying to pick the correct shade for your skin. Choose a color that's close to your actual skin tone, this way the lotion will blend in to create a uniform tan.

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