Indoor Grilling Hacks That Every Grilling Expert Needs to Know

How do you use an indoor grill? We've got all the best tips. Cook healthy, delicious meals all year with an indoor grill.

How to Grill Indoors: Tips and Tricks for Cooking With Indoor Grills

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who love to grill and those who don’t. Indoor grilling doesn’t have to be that difficult provided you have a few tricks up your sleeve.

Check out our list of a few indoor grilling hacks to make your life easy and your meat extra tasty.

Indoor Grilling Hack #1: Use Rosemary as Your Skewers

One of the biggest problems that indoor grillers face is that the meat or vegetables start falling through the grill grates. This makes it a literal hot mess for them.

To get rid of this problem, try to use rosemary as your skewers for the meat. The best part about rosemary is that it can lend more flavor to your meat while holding on tight.

In cases you don’t have enough skewers, you can always use one skewer instead of two. Not only will this make the meat hold tight to it, but even flipping your kebabs will be easier. Talk about tasty and easy!

Indoor Grilling Hack #2: Get Minimum Smoke by Cutting Off Fat

Another issue that indoor grillers face is when they cannot control the amount of smoke that grilling meat emits. If you want to reduce the smoke, make sure to cut off the fat. This will also make the meal healthier as well.

Another way to avoid creating too much smoke would be to remove seasonings like mustard seeds, spices, and minced garlic after you marinate the meat.

Indoor Grilling Hack #3: Invest in a Cast-iron Pan

Trust us when we tell you that buying a cast-iron pan for indoor grilling is one of the best decisions that you can make. With the help of the cast-iron skillet, you will be able to get the perfect grill marks because the cast-iron pan already comes with the grill marks on the bottom. It is also very handy with a sturdy foundation so buying this pan is more like an investment.

Indoor Grilling Hack #4: Get the Cross-Hatch Grill Marks by Understanding the Correct Placement

One of the signs of juicy and well-cooked meat is the grill marks. Whether you want to grill your steaks, vegetables, or chicken, you have to understand the correct technique for it.

Oil the pan and heat it until it starts to smoke. Place the meat chunks on the pan and then start rotating it at a 90° after every 2 to 3 minutes. Repeat this process to the other side as well.

Another placement option is to place the meat chunks pointing to 10 o’clock and then rotate it to 2 o’clock. Perfect grill marks every time!

Indoor Grilling Hack #5: Use Hot Water for Checking the Propane Level

Sometimes we can get doubtful whether we have enough fuel to last us the entire grilling, and figuring out the way to do the same can be a bit daunting. In such cases, you can pour a bucket of extremely hot water over one side after you tilt the propane tanks. The area where it’s cold to touch will have propane whereas, the area which is warm has only air.

Indoor Grilling Hack #6: Make a Lemon Bed for Your Fish

Even thinking about freshly grilled fish sounds so delicious but, we are also aware of just how big a disaster it can turn out to be if the fish sticks to your grill.

The best way to prevent your fish from sticking on the grill is to place the fish on top of a bed of sliced lemons. The extra lemony flavor to the fish is another plus for you as well.

Indoor Grilling Hack #7: Avoid Overcooking Your Meat

Make sure that you do not over grill your food in the cast-iron skillet. This will only ruin the flavor and the look of your meat. There may be cases when you should use a slow cooker instead to get better results. Keeping this in mind, you have to understand when to use your skillet and when to use your slow cooker.

A good tip is to take your tougher meats off the skillet a bit early and then finished cooking them in the slow cooker. This will help to keep the meat tender and juicy.

There you go! There were a few indoor grilling hacks that can make your life so much easier. By following these, your BBQ parties will definitely be hit. Happy grilling!

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