Key Features to Look for When Purchasing A Mop

What features do the best new mops have? We'll tell you. Check out what to look for and what to avoid when buying a new mop.

Buying the Best Mop: Key Features to Look For

A mop is a cleaning tool must have in any home or workplace. Most might thinking mopping is an easy task, there’s more than meets the eye. When asked to choose the best one for the job, this becomes a daunting task. Today’s market offers a wide array of mops each designed to tackle a particular type of stain. Finding the right mop ensures floors will be thoroughly cleaned.

This article will help you find out the key features when purchasing a mop.

How About the Price?

Just like most cleaning tools, price of each mop will be different due to features involved. There are cheap mops used for basic cleaning and advanced mops which come with advanced features. Having a set budget will easily narrow down your choices and avoid spending more than necessary.

Which Type of Mop for which type of Floor?

Floors are created differently and each will require a different cleaning mop and style. Ensure you are familiar with your floor type and how best to clean it. A wrong type of floor may end up damaging your floor which is unnecessary. Make sure to check with the manufacturer and know what cleaning method works best with the mop. Go for the type which the manufacturer recommends.

How about online reviews?

Reading online reviews of mops you are interested in helps you get an insight of what to expect. Relying only on what’s advertised is ill-advised. Some mops may look amazing at first glance but fail to deliver as required. There are those mops which look cheap, but they perform effectively and are long-lasting. Ensure you read reviews as much as you possibly can before making any purchase

Is the design Ergonomic?

Make sure you consider your abilities as well as physical limitations. It’s better to choose a mop which is easy to use. If you face problems bending over, look for cleaning mops with a wringer on their handles. This will help you avoid bending down as well as squeezing the water out. Make sure you also consider the handle length and weight to ensure comfort when using.

Buying from a store with a return policy

A return policy is useful because it helps users avoid any bad products sold on the market. Most stores will issue a 30-day money-back guarantee for all users. This money-back guarantee is created to ensure users choose the best steam mop the market has to offer.

Choosing mops that come with a filter

In case you want a steam mop, a filter is an important element to consider before purchasing. This will help reduce impurities from your house with ease. A filer may also increase your overall maintenance fee. Filters play a vital role to improve the overall user experience when using a steam mop.

Finding a mop with a swiveling head

To clean your floors easily, consider the pivoting heads. These heads can be used to clean rooms including toilets with ease. This will help the user save time when cleaning the house.

Which mops have the most comfortable handles?

Choose a mop which is comfortable when handling. A mop with a well thought out handle design means you will use the mop with ease. Thanks to a variety of designs, there are many mops with favorable handles.

How long is the Power Cord?

When using a steam mop, you should always consider the power cord. Steam mops come with a standard 16- to 30-foot power cord. The best steam mop should have at least 25 feet of cord.

What About Steam Control?

Go for steam mops with a dial or trigger for easy setup. This will help you choose the amount of steam you want to be released. This helps to bring out the different options for various cleaning jobs.

Is there a Built-in power switch?

Again, for steam mops, it will be more convenient for it to have an on and off button on the device. A steam mop whose buttons are not installed takes more time when plugging. This will be a major headache for people using the steam mop.

How Fast Does the mop heat up?

Choose a steam mop which requires a short time to heat up. Most steam mops take a few minutes to heat up while some are ready to use within seconds.

All of the above are some of the key features to look out for before purchasing your new mop.

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