Laminate Flooring: Dos and Donts

Have laminate? We can help. Learn the dos and don'ts to take care of your flooring

Treat your laminate flooring right with these dos and don'ts

The classic elegance of traditional wooden flooring. The durability of a worthwhile investment. The low maintenance we all wish our favorite household materials would come with. That’s what laminate flooring is all about. And that’s far from being all there is to it either — it’s actually more cost-effective compared to wood, and lasts longer than carpet.

What’s not to like about laminate flooring? Especially since it comes with none of the restrictions of its pricier counterpart in terms of whether it’s suitable for being used above or below grade.

And yet, it’s worth remembering that all our favorite things that provide us with a shortcut to happiness – like pellet grills and marble tiles – always come with a few rules of their own which we have to follow to experience all they have to offer.

It’s no different with laminate flooring which comes with its own list of dos and don’ts. And you’ll be able to find out what they are in this article dedicated to ensuring you get the best out of the one flooring option capable of instantly bestowing lasting beauty on your home.


Laminate Flooring: Dos

  • Take measures to prevent scratching: Laminate flooring is especially susceptible to scratching. To ensure its resin and cellulose coating maintains its gleaming finish, it must be regularly vacuumed and swept with soft brushes or brooms to remove particles that might scratch it and dull its shine. It must also be protected at points which are likely to see heavy pedestrian traffic such as corridors, doorways and points of entry with mats, rugs and runners.
  • Use a soft damp cloth for all your cleaning needs: We meant what we said when we mentioned that laminate flooring was low maintenance. Unlike other flooring options which might benefit from a rigorous scrubbing by a stiff-bristled brush, all you need for a shiny clean floor is a soft cloth or sponge dampened with a suitable cleaner. Microfiber pads are also a particularly suitable choice for cleaning laminate floors without scratching them while abrasive items such as steel wool or brushes similar to the variety mentioned above must be avoided.
  • Use vinegar to restore its trademark gleam: If you ever feel that your laminate flooring is losing its gleaming allure, chances are it’s been caused by the cleaning products used on it which may deposit buildup over time. With vinegar and a soft cloth and a bit of vigorous rubbing, you will be able to restore its trademark gleam once more.


Laminate Flooring: Don’ts

  • Expose it to large amounts of water: Laminate flooring is quite unlike other traditional flooring options that have a high tolerance for water. And that means cleaning methods that involve large amounts of the fluid such as mopping are best avoided. It also means cleaning up spills as promptly as possible too since exposing your laminate floor to water for prolonged periods will result in it warping due to its absorbing the liquid.
  • Combat troublesome stains with bleach: It’s probably the world’s favorite stain busting product. But when it comes to your laminate floors, bleach simply won’t do — neither would any of its other stain-eliminating counterparts. To save the day, simply use a bit of nail polish remover or acetone for those stubborn stains and wipe your solvent of choice away with a handy damp cloth immediately afterwards.
  • Use wax or polish to enhance its shine: Few things are as satisfying as a freshly cleaned and freshly polished floor. However, neither wax nor floor polish are particularly suitable options for enhancing the gleam of your laminate surface. That’s because they tend to leave a film behind which in turn will translate to loads of marks and prints all over your floor. To achieve a special shine, use a solution of vinegar which will leave your floors pristine without any buildup.

A superb flooring option that’s easy to care for

As can be seen from the pointers above, the rules for caring for your laminate floor are rather easy to follow. And even though most traditional cleaning options are unsuitable for it, the materials needed to keep it in excellent condition can be easily obtained. And in spite of the elbow grease required to keep it glistening and spotless, there’s no doubt that the rewards - long-lasting elegance and a touch of sophistication will certainly make it worth it all.

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