Does lengthening mascara really make a difference?

Looking for length? We can help. Here's the scoop on whether lengthening mascara works

Here's the lowdown on whether lengthening mascara actually works

All of us want to be adored for our looks. The saying — “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” — has a lot of truth in it when it comes to our eyes. However, some of us do not want to fork out over half a month’s rent to endure countless sessions in a lash aesthetician’s chair. How about opting for lengthening mascara? Do you think it will make a difference?

Believe it or not, there are elongating mascaras that produce a similar effect to what you’ll get when visiting a beauty salon.

Characteristics of the Best Lengthening Mascara Products

These mascaras are known to deliver a decent length to your eyelashes in mere seconds. Some brands would even hold a curl and add volume. Even better, you do not have to fret over ruining your extensions with eye makeup, water, or oil. Lengthening mascara makes a difference, and lasts all day, washes off easily and leaves your lashes in their natural condition.

The best way to discover lengthening mascara that does what it says is to pay attention to popular review sites and read up on studies conducted in this regard. Experts in the beauty industry have tried tons of formulas and a host of makeup solutions.

You can trust their opinion as they go to great lengths to reveal the best brands of mascara. This way, you do not have to question whether or not a particular lengthening mascara delivers results or not.

One such beauty expert, Victoria Moorehouse, aptly stated that while extensions tend to be flashy salon treatments that make one look like a princess, these do cost a pretty penny and do not last more than a month, before you have to start all over again. In her experience, it is better and more efficient in the long run to make use of a quick swipe of mascara to give both volume and length to your lashes. Besides, there are a few brands on the market that feature extra lengthening capabilities.

Then, there is Allie Flinn and Maya Allen, who have independently tested the best of the best lengthening mascaras. Once you applied the mascara tested by them, your lashes will be next level in terms of beauty, volume, and length.

Who said that it’s not possible to have long, fluttery lashes in a pinch without too much effort involved? Let’s examine what they had to say.

Studies and Tests on Whether Lengthening Mascara Makes a Difference

It can be a tedious process to wade your way through endless reviews and products to discover the best one. It is much simpler, leaving the footwork to the beauty experts. There are all sorts of mascaras out there that do a sterling job at faking the look of lash extensions while doing double duty by holding the curl.

Follow along as we describe the benefits associated with the cream of the crop lengthening mascaras that stood their ground under the beady eyes of the beauty experts:

  • One such favorite is being worn daily. What is outstanding about this product is that it features ribbed bristles that easily coat every one of your lashes to clothe them with a realistic lift and curl without any clumps.
  • Another product has shown itself to be perfect for brunch or when in the office. The mascara is infused with jojoba and bold pigments to last you all day long. The tubing separates and lengthens your lashes perfectly.
  • Lengthening mascara does wonders in so many ways. Especially if you consider that some of the tried and tested products feature a flexible brush that delivers a clean definition while evenly distributing the inbuilt formula to your lashes.
  • Classic mascara brands not only lengthen your lashes but ensure a major lift too. Plus, it glides onto your eye without clumping. It gets even better in that popular mascara ranges like this one boosts your lash volume by up to six times.
  • There is a fiber-like lengthening mascara that delivers up to seven times more volume. But wait, this particular brand makes use of a two-step process. It is worth the effort if you wish for long and beautiful lashes. First of all, you need to apply a black primer; then just before it dries, you need to add at least two coats of the fiber-infused mascara.

Can you see the advantages of taking heed of what beauty experts have to say regarding the best lengthening mascaras out there?

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