Why Using a Lip Plumper Is Better Than Lip Injections

Why should you use a lip plumper instead of getting injections? Safety, comfort, and practicality. Learn why plumpers are the way to go.

Why Lip Plumper Is Better Than Getting Lip Injections

Due to the courtesy of Kylie Jenner, big lips have come back in fashion. Actually, they didn’t really out of trend but in recent times, women all around the world have shown an active interest to get thicker lips.

While using lip liners to overline your lips was a good method of getting it, but it wasn’t really as effective and it required pro makeup skills as well. As a result of this, many women started getting lip fillers for a more permanent solution. However, the entry of a new product known as lip plumpers has taken the beauty market by storm as they help to give you fuller-looking lips without the side-effects of lip fillers. Read on as we discuss in more detail why using lip plumper is better than getting lip injections.

What are Lip Plumpers, and How Do They Work?

Lip plumper is a makeup product that can help to give you a fuller pout at a lower price. This is, of course, in comparison to the filler injections or implants that many people tend to opt for.

Have you ever noticed that your lips get slightly swollen up when you have something far too spicy? Well, lip plumper mostly contains similar ingredients to have a similar effect on your lips. They contain a wide range of irritant ingredients such as cinnamon, peppermint, method, ginger, cayenne pepper, camphor, and wintergreen. Due to the presence of these, you get a tingling sensation on your lips after you apply the plumper product that enlarges your lips.

The reason for the tingling sensation is because the blood rushes down to the surface of your lips giving it a bigger and reddish appearance. The other advantage of these ingredients has to be the fact that they can hold moisture on the surface of your lip cells. This again gives the lips a fuller effect without the risk of causing any irritation or reaction.

Lip plumpers are formulated in a manner similar to a lipgloss or lipstick. They even contain the usual ingredients that are found in these products such as a light pigment, moisturizing agents, wax, and oil in addition to the above-mentioned ingredients. If you went to apply another lip product, you can also opt for the non-pigmented plumper variety that is readily available in the market.

Why You Should Choose A Lip Plumper Over Getting Lip Injections

The biggest reason why you should prefer lip plumper over getting lip injections is that the former does not have any side-effects on your lips. If you are wondering about the tingling sensation, let us assure you that it will wade off within minutes.

In addition to this, lip plumpers contain moisturizing and hydrating elements that can actually nourish your pout making it look smooth and soft. Many beauty companies are selling versions that are absolutely safe, organic, and edible.

While we are at it, we will recommend you to get a patch test before you start using lip plumper. As mentioned above, it may contain ingredients that can irritate your lips. So, if you are allergic to ginger, peppermint, or menthol, it would be better for you to skip plumpers that contain those ingredients.

On the other hand, lip filler injections employ the use of either biological or synthetic materials to literally “fill“ your lips. The most commonly used materials include hyaluronic acid, collagen or fat or connective tissues that are extracted from the body of the patient itself. The advantage of this method is that you can instantly see visible results after undergoing this procedure.

The issue with getting lip fillers is the fact that your lips can either bruise or swell up and not in a flattering way. The second disadvantage is that a few synthetic fillers can harden overtime requiring surgical removal as well.

Just like in the case of lip plumpers, you have to be careful to find out whether or not you are allergic to the type of fillers used on your lips.

Lip plumpers, in comparison to lip fillers, will never cause any bruising or swelling. Not only do you not have to worry about pain, but there is also a complete absence of any serious medical complications requiring surgery. You get moisturized and plumper lips at a price tag that is very easy on your pockets as well.

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