Is Lip Stain Longer Lasting Than Lipstick?

Lip stain or lipstick? We'll help you decide. Learn whether lip stain or lipstick lasts longer

Learn whether lipstick or lip stain lasts longer

When it comes to makeup, each type of lip product has its own benefits. Lip stains have gained in popularity in recent years because of their ability to create a colorful look that lasts — but do they work better than lipstick?

If you’re looking for long-lasting lip color, here’s everything you need to know about lip stain, from whether it is longer lasting than lipstick to how exactly it works to give your lips full, bold color.

The Difference Between Lip Stain and Lipstick

Lipstick is made from waxes and oils. Pigment is added to these ingredients to create a lip product that can be easily applied. Contrary to this, lip stain is often water or gel-based, and they contain synthetic and natural dyes to help stain the lips a specific color.

Unlike lipstick, lip stain is made to be smudge-proof, which is one of the primary differences you’ll find between the two lip products. Because of this feature, lip stain is also usually longer lasting than lipstick, which can be easily wiped off. Most lip stains can last up to 18 hours before they start to wear off, making them a top choice for those who want lip color that lasts all day and night.

How to Apply Lip Stain

Lip stain comes in a variety of forms, including roll-ons, gels, and sponge-tip applicators. Because most lip stains contain alcohol in their ingredients list, they have a tendency to set rather quickly. For this reason, you need to work quickly when applying lip stain. Another aspect to consider when using lip stain is the fact that it has a drying effect, meaning you may want to top it with a cream or gloss overcoat to help give a more moisturized appearance to your lips.

When using lip stain on a regular basis, these tips and tricks will help you get the best possible application.

Firstly, always prep your lips before applying lip stain. To do this, use a lip exfoliator on your lips to remove any dead or dry skin. If you want to go more of a DIY route for lip exfoliation, you can also take some brown sugar and a wet washcloth and rub it gently across your lips.

Before applying lip stain, swiping a quick layer of lip balm or chapstick on your lips will work wonders to keep them moisturized and healthy. It will also make wearing the lip stain a much more comfortable experience, as it will help prevent your lips from drying out or cracking.

Once your lips are prepared, you can get to the actual application process of the lip stain. Remember, less is more when dealing with lip stain, as a small amount goes a long way with this product. Despite lip stain’s sheer-looking appearance, you’ll want to refrain from layering it on while wet. After the first coat has been applied and had a moment to dry, you can then start to work in layers to achieve the level of color you’re wanting. Remember to let your lips dry completely between each applied coat.

More Tips and Tricks for Using Lip Stain

Looking for some more tips and tricks for achieving the perfect lip stain look? Here are some quick pointers that will make your lip stain experience flawless.

Lip brushes can be quite helpful when it comes to applying lip stain, especially if you have trouble keeping the lip stain within the lines of your lips. Additionally, using a lip liner prior to applying lip stain can help with this problem if you’re having a particularly difficult time applying lip color. Lip liner will also accentuate your lips, creating the illusion of a bigger surface area.

If you don’t have time to wait for your lip stain to dry, a hair dryer can be used to speed up the process — just be sure to use it on the cool setting so that you don’t burn your skin. After your lips have completely dried, you can top your lips off with an overcoat of balm, gloss, or chapstick to soften their appearance.

When you’re ready to remove your lip stain for the evening, using an oil-based makeup remover will get you the best results. Typically, lip stain should come off quite easily when makeup remover is applied.

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