How to Make a Guest Room Welcoming

These tips will help you make your guest room, or guest area, as welcoming as possible

Expecting Company? Make your guest room welcoming

So you have an extra room you want to turn into a guest room? With a few strokes of the keyboard, the internet can give you thousands upon thousands of decorating ideas, but after decorating what can make a guest room welcoming? We've compiled a list of some guest room aspects that will help your guests feel warm and invited.

Invest in a sofa bed

Instead of a regular bed, consider outfitting your guest room with a sofa bed. This way, your guests can stash away their bed and have the sofa for lounging. What's more, when you don't have guests, your guest room can double as a comfy reading nook. A futon or a wall bed is another option if you're on a budget.

Make sure to have your wifi password handy

There are many creative or useful ways how to make your wifi password readily available. For instance, you could post the password, along with many contact numbers (police, fire, pizza place) onto a wall or a mirror where your guest will look every day, or type up a card with the password to place on the nightstand next to the guest bed.

Your guests will appreciate the fact that they don’t have to ask and they can copy it down too.

Extra amenities are a plus

Many guests will bring their shampoo, conditions, hairdryers, etc. But, there is always the chance that they forget something or would appreciate not having to pack extra items. Make sure to stock the guest bathroom with essential amenities, including toiletries, over the counter first aid items, extra towels, and washcloths.

Once your essential amenities are ready, go above and beyond and add some non-essential amenities, like a coffee maker, mugs, a jug of water, books, movies, music, games, cell phone chargers, and more.

Don’t forget a television

If you offer movies and music to your guests, a TV is a must. Not only will there be moments of downtime for you and your guests (as no one can entertain anyone 24/7), but it will also let your guests feel like they can relax in a place to rest their brains for a while by watching a favorite. If you offer a TV in the room, make sure to provide remote instructions and a channel guide too—not all providers are the same, especially if your guests come from out of state.

Clocks aren’t just on phones

Give your guests the option to set the alarm in the morning, or be able to look over at their nightstand to see what time it is. An electric clock will allow for both those items and help your guests know what time by a glance without using their cell phones.

Add extra blankets, pillows, and maybe even a robe

Chances are, people will bring their robe if they want to be warm, but why not give them the option to be cozy and warm in the guest room and while walking around the house. Make sure the linens are cleaned often and provide blankets, not just comforters—remember, some people run hot, others run cold. Preparing for both contingencies will show your guests you think about all the possibilities.

What about a midnight snack?

Most of the time, when a person is staying at someone else’s home as a guest, they may not feel comfortable walking around the house when their hosts aren’t around to ask if they could get a snack. Why not provide your guests with some healthy and some fun options in the room that can help them feel more comfortable if they get a midnight craving?

Holiday guests? Why not decorate to get them in the holiday mood?

Adding seasonal decorations to your guest room will allow your guests to get into the holiday spirit, e.g., add a small tree for Christmas, or a menorah for Hanukkah, pumpkin lights for Halloween, and a holiday scented air freshener to match the seasonal scent.

Give your guests closet space and clean drawers

Remember when guests come to your house, they are bringing their items with them. They will appreciate areas where they can unpack their clothes, hide their suitcases, and make them feel less like they are living out of luggage.

Each space you decorate for guests will be different from their homes. Having some of the elements above can help your guests feel less awkward in a new environment and more like they are staying in a place of comfort. They will be touched by your hospitality and the thoughtful idea of how welcoming your guest room is.

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