How to Make Laminate Flooring Look More High-End

Tired of laminate floors? We have tips. Use these ideas to dress up your laminate flooring

Dress up your laminate floors with these ideas

Stuck with a kitchen or bathroom that boasts cheesy, fake-looking laminate flooring? You're not alone. Apartments and houses all over the country often have laminate flooring since it's a cheap, easy-to-install alternative to real wood or tile floors. They also boast great benefits over, say, carpeting, like being more hypo-allergenic (they can't trap dirt and dust like regular wood can) easy to clean, and incredibly durable.

When it first became popular back in the '80s, laminate flooring often looked tacky and dare we say, cheesy — especially when you were forced to deal with them nearly 30 years later. However, laminate flooring isn't quite what it used to be. Since Pergo first came out with its incredibly popular brand of laminate flooring, it's become a go-to home designing choice, not just because it's inexpensive, but because it actually looks like real wood or tile — as long as you don't look too closely.

Lucky for you, the options of laminate flooring are endless in 2019! But even so, sometimes decorating your home a certain way can do wonders for your floors, helping things like laminate flooring from "cheapening" the look of your home. Check out these easy ways to make an impression with your laminate flooring, making them look more high-end than ever.

Go for a reclaimed wood look

Flip on any DIY home-flipping or interior design show, and you'll see the "reclaimed wood" trend being put into use. This look is very popular these days since it promotes the idea of "recycling" and making something new out of something old and forgotten. And believe it or not, laminate flooring can give a room that same exact look for a much cheaper price than actual reclaimed wood.

Because the colors in this flooring are mixed and varied, it looks less "fake" or "cut-and-paste". That way, it doesn't just look like a giant sticker was placed on your floor. Don't forget to really indulge in the style and decorate the rest of the home accordingly. Shabby chic accents or other reclaimed pieces like picture frames and ottomans can really give a unique, "one-of-a-kind" vibe. Plus, since reclaimed wood comes with scratches, bruises and all kinds of unique markings, scratching up the laminate flooring is no biggie. Looking rough around the edges is all part of its charm.

Class things up with high-end accents.

One sure way to draw attention away from less-than-stellar laminate flooring is to make fancy accents a room's focal point. When you accompany inexpensive flooring with even cheaper furniture, wall art, and knick-knacks, your room will look tired and un-refined. Instead, choose a couple of eye-catching pieces that take attention away from your floors.

Perhaps investing in some luxurious throw pillows for your living room can really brighten things up and make things look more lavish. If you have laminate "tile" flooring in a kitchen or bathroom, put some minimal, yet stunning pieces on the countertops like ceramic soap dishes, fancy candles, or sparkling-clean jars. A plush, fancy rug is also a great way to "freshen up" tired laminate floors.

Completely transform it into something different

Right now, an industrial, "blank canvas" look has become quite popular, especially among Millenials. But if you live in an apartment or older home, something edgy like a concrete floor may be hard to come by — even impossible. Enter, laminate flooring. Did you know you can paint over the stuff to make it look completely different?

If you're down to do the DIY dance, you can actually sand down your laminate flooring, prime it, and paint over it with a combination of cool gray tones. Slap some fun rugs on there and hang cool artwork on the walls and you've got yourself a trendy loft look!

While laminate flooring may be all you can afford in terms of interior design, don't sweat it. With this kind of flooring becoming more and more widely used, there are a handful of realistic-looking options that are a far cry from the yellowish-brown linoleum floors you'd find back in the '80s and '90s. But no matter how you style your home, try not to focus too much on making things look super fancy or expensive, and instead think of ways it can represent you and your family in a bright, happy way. Plus, you're the one who has to look at it every day. Now, time to get decorating!

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